By Viv Chitty
Coaching for Optimal Energy: A Guide for Executive Coaches

Coaching for Optimal Energy: A Guide for Executive Coaches


In my executive coaching practice, over the years, I became increasingly aware of differing energy levels in my clients: some had appropriate energy levels to cope well with their working life and others were exhibiting, and describing, problematic energy levels. As a result, they were sometimes struggling to meet the demands made on them in and out of work.


Even though suboptimal energy levels in senior executives (and employees at all levels) can negatively impact efficacy, feelings, behaviour and self-awareness at work and in coaching sessions, and can also dent the client’s ability to put into action what they have decided to do as a result of their coaching, I couldn’t find much research-based information about human energy in the context of work. Nor was there anything in the coaching or coaching supervision literature about how this could be addressed. So, I decided to do the research myself and embarked on a Masters to do so. 


I have now written a book on the subject which offers a new way of considering energy. Coaching for Optimal Energy: A Guide for Executive Coaches is based on peer reviewed research and my research with fellow executive coaches. It considers what energy is, examines how it manifests in clients, explores influences on energy and offers clear guidance and practical ideas for how to address energy with clients.


Although primarily written for executive coaching colleagues this book is very appropriate for coach supervisors (and for most types of coach and other practitioners not in the coaching ‘world’, maybe with the odd tweak here and there). Where our supervision work is concerned, we may be supervising coaches who are considering how they can work with a client’s energy, or we may want to work with the supervisee’s energy directly if this is appropriate.


Also, you may be interested in considering your own energy: as we know, we too are surrounded by similar influences to our clients, need to be aware of our own energy and take appropriate action if necessary.


If you are interested, or you think that any of your colleagues might be, the book is available for pre-order (24th June 2022) and in print on 15th July, from:



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