Benefits of Membership
The Association of Coaching Supervisors

Membership of AOCS

Our mission:

To add value by exclusively focusing on coaching supervision issues from our mission to actively promote the role of supervision. Our core themes are to Promote, Engage, and Develop our members and the wider community! 

Individuals are welcomed

Feeling part of a professional group of like-minded people who feel supported, challenged, informed and part of a developing community, where there is a place to:

  • share expertise, develop knowledge
  • explore and develop ideas and co-create
  • enhance the respectability and professional recognition of the coaching industry.

Practical personal benefits include

  • Inclusion in our database of supervisors - so you can be found by buyers and coaches seeking the right supervisor for them
  • Promote your offers and build your reputation by showcasing the articles, blogs, events you create from your profile in our database
  • Access to research and latest trends in the coaching/supervision field
  • Collective and independent voice - to promote supervision to educate and attract a wider audience
  • Cost savings - we aim to bring you relevant benefits at a reduced cost, such as discounted conference entry or magazine subscription
  • Accesss to learning to support your CPD on supervision in practice - articles, blogs, podcasts, book reviews, co-supervision space, etc.

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Organisations are welcomed

The Association of Coaching Supervision welcomes professional organisations to join us to form strong alliances and working partnerships to:

  • Complement their work and provide expert coaching supervision for their members
  • Offer coach supervisors a place to reflect, improve and develop
  • Add the voice of supervision to new ideas, applications and future research in coaching
  • Bring relevant resources and benefits to members at a reduced cost
  • Become part of our collective and independent voice to promote the value of supervision to a wider global and inclusive audience.


Organisation members may be working inside organisations as internal coaches and supervisors, and although they have colleagues, they may value feeling part of their own professional group, in our constantly developing, global community, where there is ample space to:

  • Delve deeper into ‘who they are’ and ‘how they are being’ as a professional coach and supervisor
  • Understand their own patterns, habits and blind spots as they 'grow into' being a supervisor
  • Enhance their own professional and personal development, through conversations in our global network
  • Share and exchange reflections, expertise, innovation, latest trends and research
  • Explore and develop ideas appropriate to our evolution in touch with our changing world
  • Enhance the respectability and professional recognition of coaching and supervision in this global, virtual and diverse industry
  • Discover a community of professionals where sharing provocative ideas, concerns, successes is made meaningful.

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Our focus and remit

We are professional and independent, aligned with other professional associations such as AC, ICF, EMCC, APECS, Hudson Institute as the main body representing coaching supervision. We don't want to replicate their main activities or compete with them, rather, we partner and complement their work. We have formed alliances and working partnerships with most of the bodies above.

The association is objective, independent, neutral, with a frequent presence in the coaching media

We will share our collective wisdom, experience and knowledge for the benefit of our members and non-members.

We aim to be professional, supportive, knowledge-focused and respected as an association offering coach supervisors a place to reflect, improve and develop.

We also want to offer organisations a choice of professional and experienced coach supervisors, whether when selecting for the first time or perhaps when seeking a new supervisor to work with for further challenge, perspectives and support for the road ahead.


We focus the association to be:

  • Professional and effective
  • Supportive, caring and helpful
  • Inclusive, open and diverse
  • Appeal to professionals in their field
  • Flexible, responsive and alert to trends
  • Lead and be influential in this field
  • Help develop best practice and foster new emerging practices
  • Enhance ethics and standards
  • Authoritative
  • Member-led

We have an active rosta of Lifetime Contribution Members, who can inform and guide our strategy, anticipate trends in coaching and supervision, and plan for the future. Our Board Members focus on governance and on achieving our annual plans and strategy, working with the Leads team to make this happen. 

Updated on 25/11/2022

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Become part of our online family. Connecting and empowering each other to succeed. We want to give supervision wider exposure and a larger 'share of voice' in the coaching community. Come and join us!

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Become part of our online family. Connecting and empowering each other to succeed. We want to give supervision wider exposure and a larger 'share of voice' in the coaching community. Come and join us!

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