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We believe there is a need to focus on supervision to support the demand for and current growth in coaching,
with increasing quality in mind, rather than merely quantity.
Feel confident in finding a pre-checked coaching supervisor quickly here; qualified or accredited, or just starting out as an affiliate: - they are in regular supervision themselves to sustain the ongoing quality of the service they provide.

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Why Choose AOCS?

We believe there is a need for an association purely focusing on supervision. Whilst supervision has moved beyond the pioneering stage, a platform is needed to enable coaches and buyers of coaching to understand supervision better. AoCS encourages diversity and supports inclusion across our membership. We actively welcome applications that meet our joining criteria from the BAME and LGBT+ communities to come and join us.

Why Choose AOCS?
An unparalleled opportunity to showcase your experience and skills if you are a supervisor, or to search and source the best coaching supervisors globally if you are a buyer.
We know a lot about Coaching Supervision and share that knowledge with our members. Here is your one stop shop for all the latest resources relating to coaching supervision: academic research articles, member blogs, videos, webinars.
As a supervisor, whether qualified or working towards qualification, membership of AoCS confers a badge of recognition within the Coaching industry that enables buyers to see your level of experience and commitment to ongoing CPD in coaching supervision. Your searchable personal profile is an easy way of being discovered in a market that is growing all the time.

Connecting members and the wider coaching network

We are here to Promote coaching supervision to coaches, mentors, HR/LD/OD Professionals and Buyers.
We are here to Engage with our Members to help them share, learn and create more supervision opportunities.
We are here to Develop our members to continuously improve their professional competence, standards, and learning.

Recognising our members

We welcome new members

Becci Martin Profile Picture
Becci Martin

I'm founder & Director of Coaching at Boo Coaching & Consulting based in Bolton, UK. I provide executive coaching across all sectors and coaching and mentoring supervision for internal coaches across the NHS and beyond. I am a mental health nurse by background and recently rejoined the COVID-19 Nursing register to provide support to frontline staff.


Stefan Andrei Profile Picture
Stefan Andrei

Executive coach/mentor and supervisor based in Bucharest, Romania, Senior Practitioner coach/mentor accredited by EMCC. I subscribe to the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors (AC & EMCC).


Dearbhalla Baviera Profile Picture
Dearbhalla Baviera

My Conscious Coaching work in supervision brings a reflective approach, enabling coaches to step back from their practice and look on with compassion, perspective and awareness of self and others. I bring a wide blend of models and approaches (gestalt, embodiment, transpersonal, systemic constellations, transactional analysis) to support the individual or group to be intentional about presence, their practice and reflections of their practice in service of continued growth as coach and in the service of the client.


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Become part of our online family. Connecting and empowering each other to succeed. We want to give supervision wider exposure and a larger 'share of voice' in the coaching community. Come and join us!

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Become part of our online family. Connecting and empowering each other to succeed. We want to give supervision wider exposure and a larger 'share of voice' in the coaching community. Come and join us!

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