By Michelle Lucas
Book Review: "Creating the Reflective Habit"

Book Review: "Creating the Reflective Habit"

The "Creating the Reflective Habit" book by Michelle Lucas is another welcome addition to the field of professional coaching. Its range of resources, depth of insight, and supportive emphasis on experiential self-learning make it an invaluable observational asset for coaches, mentors, supervisors, and leaders alike.

The layout of the book is designed to cater to different reading and learning styles, most notably: cognitive, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, or poetic. The first, theoretical section, challenges the conventional notion of reflection and invites readers to explore alternative and diverse ways of entering into a reflective process. The second, practical section, is devoted to the presentation of a variety of templates, exercises, and techniques, offering readers a multitude of options and choices in service of creating their own reflective habit.

This book's strength lies in the author’s personable ability to encourage experiential exploration of processing styles beyond one's usual preferences. By inviting readers to step out of their comfort zones, Lucas inspires a sense of curiosity and openness to new approaches. The monthly reflection space she suggests will resonate with those who prefer structured frameworks for their practice, while the extensive array of reflective methods presented throughout the book, will cater to those who want to randomly select one for a wonderous and thought-provoking “pause” prompt.

Whether read sequentially or opened up at random, this well-researched book will undoubtedly contribute to the reader’s continuous personal and professional development, thus becoming a constant source for reflexivity, possibility, inspiration, and growth.


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