By Gillian Walter
Choir of Brave Voices

Choir of Brave Voices

Hello everyone

First-off, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a great start to 2022 and hope that the year ahead is a happy, healthy, kind and fun one for you and your loved ones. 

Secondly, I need to share some very exciting news with you……. I have written and published my first book!

I spent the last year writing ‘Choir of Brave Voices’ with the intention of supporting readers to find their own inner courage, inner-wisdom and, ultimately, their authentic voice using creative reflection.

It is a light-hearted and creative journey using art, poetry, and the seasons to support reflection for us and our clients. There are more than 66 poems, paintings, back-stories, and reflection points for any situation that I have been using successfully with clients during the pandemic. It seemed the right time to try something creatively different and I was amazed at how deeply and quickly creativity can make a difference to reflection for us all – and how much we can take afresh from returning to the same image or poem at different times, seasons, and situations - even the stickiest of challenges.

There is a section specifically on supervision using the same creative principles to rethink the 7 Eyed Model of Supervision that I hope you will find playful and interesting.

The book is now able for purchase on many platforms and I include some of the links below in case you are feeling generous enough to buy one and follow me on a creative journey of reflection this year. I would naturally be thrilled if you left me an honest feedback review on online platforms too so that we can offer creative reflection to others who might benefit. 

In addition to the book, I also created an accompanying set of (picture/coaching/supervision) cards to support reflection.  These cards can be bought directly from me and you can of course order the book directly from me too.  Purchasing directly from me would cost CHF 37 for the book and CHF 35 for the cards (or as a set CHF 70) plus P&P.

Book Depository
Amazon DE
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Barnes & Noble
Rakuten Kobo
Talia (DE)
note: Amazon DE may show it as "unavailable".  It is available - There are no books physically stored anywhere. Each book is printed as it is ordered and shipped to you.

Choir of Brave Voices is an art and poetry book designed for reflection. The paper has been selected especially for comfortable writing with the intention of using it like a seasonal journal. In other words, it was originally designed as a physical book.
…for those of you waiting for the e-book version of Choir of Brave Voices, it is now available at a reduced sale price via Rakuten Kobo here:
Or Booktopia (10% off sale price) here:

As there is so much artwork and a specific layout to this book it isn’t suitable for Kindle. Kindle want a book to be black and white, have as few images as possible and be ‘flowable’, meaning the pages lose their specific layout.

Apple Books will carry the title, but they take around a month to have titles available. If this is your preferred e-reader, please stay patient – it is on its way!

I would be hugely grateful if you could help me share my work and ‘Brave Voice’ momentum so that we can start to build a Choir of Brave and Reflective Voices out in the world.


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