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Update on Climate Crises: a jointly hosted global conversation

Update on Climate Crises: a jointly hosted global conversation

Climate Crises - How Can Coaching Help?


Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the virtual webinar: Climate Crises- How Can Coaching Help? We hope you found it really useful and certainly most initial feedback has been that participants found it inspirational and highly practical as an awareness raising and engaging event.

Many thanks to the initial 6 professional bodies who got together to set things in motion and made things happen. We are now 9 signatories and are delighted to be joining forces in such an historical collaboration.

To read the Joint Global Statement please click here.

If you were unable to attend the Webinar, you can access a recording of the AC event, with gratitude for the spirit of true collaboration: please click  here

The recording can't really replace being present, as we had such great global participation and different dialogue in the breakout sections however it will give you a sense of what happened and an idea of some of what was discussed. The overview section gives a flavour of some of the themes emerging which are highly relevant to Coaching Supervisors.

The nine professional bodies are meeting on the 24th November to look at all the ideas, thoughts and questions that came out of the dialogue across the six events and to discuss strategy and tactics going forwards. We expect to be able to tell you more about this in the newsletter in December. Further opportunities for dialogue will flow and be informed by this initial work.

The picture accompanying this is an overview (for illustration, not for reading!) of what just one of the 6 boards looks like, so you can see the level of participation we have had! We have decided on drawing useful dialogue across all 9 of the signatories, rather than rushing into immediate action mode x 9 now. We will come back to you in the December newsletter with the next update.

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