The ART of Team Coaching
Master Supervision Group

The ART of Team Coaching

An intimate space to illuminate best practice for Team Coaching globally.
Our world has been turned upside down, change is ubiquitous and the concept of
VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous) is now on steroids.
Organisations need to step up and deal with the challenge of how to survive, thrive
and stay competitive, and how to collaborate as they look to explore
new ways of working, do micro innovations and re-humanise the workforce.
As Team Coaches, we need to work differently with all kinds of teams and deal with
a myriad of challenges and wicked problems.
So how do we, as Team Coaches, help our clients navigate the practical and
psychological issues that arise as they manage these multiple complexities?
How do we take care of our own needs and continue to provide the depth
and quality of coaching so needed in these times?

What can I expect?

The sessions will be clustered into 3 phases: Align- Reveal- Transform

You can expect:

A depth of relationship with experienced coaches from around the globe
who care about team coaching and the systems we belong to, including
this one
Exploring who you are in this system and therefore who you are as a Team
Coach, appreciating and acknowledging difference
A safe and restorative space to pause, connect and nurture yourself in the
messiness and complexity of working with teams, and to stretch your own
team coaching practice
A safe place where we will encourage the highest standards for ourselves
and others so we can learn

Our story
When Covid-19 struck we were each grappling with how to attend to our
businesses. We joined a virtual online team coaching program and happily found
each other. We found a high degree of synergy between us and a mutual desire to
support others to be with the seismic change we are all experiencing. Over the
last few months we formed our own team to generate a compelling online Master
Group Supervision program for team Coaches. The result is a program we are now
calling “The ART of Team Coaching”.
The ART of Team Coaching Is a program with a difference. We will employ edgy
ideas, critical thinking, and support. We will bring our own practices for exploration
and analysis. We will create an intimate and safe space for the ART of Team
We are highly active practitioners in the field of team coaching willing to always be
beginners as we grow and expand our repertoire in the field of team coaching.

Here’s what we mean by ART:
We begin with aligning around the distinctions that describe Team
Coaching. It illuminates the terrain we will be working and how we want to
be together. It incorporates our individual needs for a successful program.
You will be supported to transform and figure out new authentic choices
for you, your practice and how you engage clients. You will be guided to
translate these changes into highly targeted practical changes that will make
immediate sense and translate value for you and your clients.

As we progress through the group conversations we will reveal your
relationship to team coaching, your practice, the coach you are and any
limiting beliefs getting in your way. This program will explode the myth
and misconceptions commonly held about coaching and team coaching.
This program will reveal how some of our unconscious thoughts/habits/
patterns/defences diminish our authority in a room and by dint diminish the
performance our teams can achieve.

You will be supported  to transform and figure out new authentic choices for you, your practice, and how to engage clients. You will be guided to translate these changes into highly trageted practical changes tht will make immediate sense anfd translate value for youy and your clients

Who is it for?
The group is for qualified, practising team coaches looking to join a Master Supervision Group setting.

We’d like you to be:

Seeking to develop and deepen your learning as a Team Coach

Experienced in working with teams and groups with a thorough understanding of group dynamics and the principles of team coaching and have a coaching accreditation with one of the major governing bodies
Willing to engage in experiential inquiry and practice to explore the impact of groups on yourself and others
Willing to engage in pre-work and reading to extend your knowledge and skills
The program is a profound journey of self exploration, peer support, partnership
and collective learning that will enable you to find simple transferable solutions to your practice and way of being.
The promise is greater joy, ease, flexibility, emergence and results for you as a team
coach, where you emerge truly aligned with the value of team coaching.

Participants who are willing and prepared to share their challenges, vulnerabilities and
client systems to this space. (We will of course adhere to sanctity of anonymity and
confidentiality at all times).

£2,450 + VAT

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Dates and Costs
From Dec 18, 2020 to May 14, 2021

900-1100 or 1300-1500 UK time, enabling people from different time zones to join us


£2,450 + VAT


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This is a virtual event.

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