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About the Association of Coaching Supervisors Ltd


We believe there is a need for an association purely focusing on coaching supervision, enabling coaches and buyers of coaching to understand supervision and its benefits better. Whilst the leading associations and academies acknowledge that supervision has become more widely accepted in many countries, we want to continue to give supervision greater publicity and a larger 'share of voice' across the global coaching community.

We know there is frustration that some coaches do not “get" supervision. The connotation of the word “supervision” in different languages and experiences can lead to coaches being nervous of the concept or, even more disturbingly, think that they don’t need it! We know that this often changes when we experience it.

We are a community that is passionate about supervision and the benefits we know supervision brings. As clients benefit from a space to reflect, we believe coaches will also benefit. 

The Association of Coaching Supervision encourages coaches, mentors, coaching psychologists and supervisors worldwide:

To be: Challenged, supported, further educated and informed
To work: Ethically, globally, respectfully and at their very best.


Our Aims

  • Raise the profile of coaching supervisors amongst coaches and buyers of coaching, through information and education
  • Promote the value of coaching supervision to coaches and buyers of coaching services
  • Encourage all coaches to include coaching supervision as integral to their practise and development
  • Encourage buyers of coaching to include active supervision in their criteria when selecting coaches to work with (our members are in regular supervision themselves so you can be re-assured of their ongoing commitment to their CPD and focus on quality in coaching)
  • Encourage all organisations using coaching skills and/or adopting a learning culture, to employ coaching supervisors to ensure best practise

AoCS is a not-for-profit organisation with a core of voluntary members who inform the organisation’s strategy, goals and policy. We have a group of Lifetime Contribution Members, who guide the development of AoCS, promote AoCS’s aims and lend their support and voice where necessary. 

Our aim is not to accredit supervisors, or to act as a training school, or to replace existing coaching bodies/associations, but to supplement current relationships and to provide a real focus on supervision. 

AoCS encourages diversity and supports inclusion across our membership. We actively welcome applications that meet our joining criteria from the BAME and LGBT+ communities to come and join us.

AoCS Structure

AoCS is registered as a private limited company with limited liability for all of our members. As part of membership, each member joining or renewing agrees to fund £1 to cover any debts in the unlikely event of the association closing or being wound up (we retain a contingency fund for this situation anyway). Our company number is 13724031 registered at Companies House in the UK.

Our Chair is Lorenza Clifford and she is supported by a team of board members and leads for different aspects of the association's work.

We reach out to our community of members and future members around the world to encompass what is most relevant to them where they are, inviting active thought provocation about the big themes of our times and how they might be woven through our strategy and our work. Diversity is crucial to our work. In our teams, we will keep working together to create a climate within our association where all can flourish. Change is a constant theme, and our profession enables coaches to show up well-prepared to work with people through change in their context.

AoCS encourages coaches to take up and make the most of supervision. We act to prepare ourselves to show up in the supervision space with presence. We work to develop a full understanding of the perspectives and approaches to create developmental dialogue that coaches (and their clients) value.

We have created networks to provide individual and group supervision to coaches (safe Covid practices allowing) by telephone and virtual platforms. Country Ambassadors and local Coordinators act as a focal point for enquiries from coaches, organisations and buyers of coach supervision.

We have Ambassadors in North and South America, Asia Pacific, Australia & New Zealand, UK, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Czech & Slovak Republics, Russia and the Baltic States, Sweden, and Ireland – and we are developing alliances and links in many developing countries. If you feel you coud represent us in your country/region do contact us.

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Should you have a complaint against any of our members we really want to hear from you. We welcome your comments as they give us the opportunity to put things right and to improve the service. Please see our full Complaints Procedure here


Updated 25/11/2022

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Become part of our online family. Connecting and empowering each other to succeed. We want to give supervision wider exposure and a larger 'share of voice' in the coaching community. Come and join us!

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Become part of our online family. Connecting and empowering each other to succeed. We want to give supervision wider exposure and a larger 'share of voice' in the coaching community. Come and join us!

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