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Ann Marie Cunningham

Qualified Coaching Supervisor

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About Ann Marie

Ann Marie combines strong analytical and intellectual skills with a supportive, compassionate and challenging style. Her knowledge of integrative psychotherapy and coaching psychology allows her to draw from a range of approaches to work creatively with her clients and act as a catalyst for new perspectives to emerge.
She has a particular talent for making theoretical models relevant and accessible and has won high praise from clients as a trainer, supervisor, therapist and coach.
Ann Marie's approach is relational and she believes that our capacity for meaningful, authentic and reciprocal bonds with other human beings is central to our sense of wellbeing and resilience. 'When we stop developing ourselves, we stop being effective at developing others and when we are most alive to our own learning is often when we are of most value to others.'
Ann Marie creates a warm collaborative alliance with her clients. Her innate capacity to respond intuitively and authentically is key to her success and the high level of client referrals she experiences.

Ann Marie has many years of corporate experience within Learning and Development as a Microsoft expert specialist and accredited professional trainer for Symantec, Lotus and Microsoft. She founded Infotech Associates, a provider of IT Consultancy and Training in finance and investment banking: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Rothschild, Nomura, Schroders and many others. Infotech Associates also expanded into the field of healthcare and wellbeing: Smith Kline Beecham, Bupa, The Royal Society of Medicine to name a few. Together with her team of experts, she designed, developed and delivered innovative and bespoke training initiatives, rolling out multiple projects simultaneously.

However, personal loss was the catalyst for her transition from being an expert in computer hardware, software and processing to understanding the human mind and body connection.

Supervision nurtures a culture of high support and high challenge; engaging in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the matrix: supervisor, supervisee and client.  It provides a safe reflective space to be challenged, validated and held accountable. It also provides the space to practice good self-care, self-awareness and self-development.


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Diploma in Integrative Supervision of Individuals and Groups (Merit) from The Grove Practice Ltd, London
National Council of Psychotherapists: Professional member (Snr Accred.)
Association for Coaching: Professional Member
Association of Coaching Supervisors: Professional Member
European Mentoring & Coaching Council: Professional Member
Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution: Accredited Mediator
EMDR UK & Ireland, Europe: Professional Member


I first went to see Ann Marie 5 years ago following a personal crisis. I was suffering with low moods and high anxiety, a very exhausting combination. Although I had a successful career, I was struggling with personal relationships and needed to take time to heal. I was numb and fragile from many personal losses in my formative years. I had regular psychotherapy sessions for a considerable time before feeling ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and a whole new lifestyle. I recently became a published author and moved into my ‘visualised’ country home with my kind and loving partner. Life is simpler and more meaningful than ever! Ann Marie challenged me to be creative and true to myself and I had the privilege of attending one of her Visualisation Workshops. I highly recommend working with her. John, London

I recently saw Ann Marie because I had to! I felt burnt out and snapped at my work colleagues and most people that engaged with me. I felt invisible and was easily triggered into self-loathing. I expected a talking therapy to get it off my chest and hoped for a speedy resolution. I did not expect a sensory experience. Gently guided to imagine the worst image of a recent scenario elicited emotions and sensations and Ann Marie used this to access touchstone memories stored in the brain. This ‘mind blowing’ therapy is called EMDR and is highly effective for trauma, including disturbing memories and depression. I saw Ann Marie for 12 sessions and always felt safe, cared for and in control of the process. This same therapy can be used to create resourceful states and empowering beliefs. It has truly changed me as a person and I feel stronger, yet more vulnerable, empathetic and emotionally intelligent. Ann Marie is our preferred mental wellbeing therapist and we encourage our employees to seek support, without judgment. Alastair, CEO, London

Working with Ann Marie at her private practice in London gave me the confidence to pack in my demanding job and take a risk! I held lots of assumptions that kept me stuck! Working on my values and beliefs opened up new possibilities. I learnt the value of being vulnerable; better to try and fail than not try at all. I continue to have regular Skype sessions with Ann Marie from wherever I am in the world and value this relationship for support, reflection and accountability. Simona, Cape Town

Ann Marie has given me soaring confidence in my demanding role as a Coach within a private hedge fund company. I often found myself relying on feedback from my clients to validate my work. I became much more self-aware and able to sit with being curious and noticing. As a coach, I often find myself wondering 'what would Ann Marie do in this situation'. No doubt she would be curious! Thanks so much for helping me to believe in myself. Natalie xx, London

I have been a coach for more than 10 years and only ever experienced in-house supervision with a more senior member! Wow, I was missing out on my own personal growth. Ann Marie provided a safe, impartial space to explore and challenge my thinking in a compassionate way. For me it was the kindest and most profound shift as I got in touch with my inner compass, my intuition and got out of my own way. Ann Marie helped to resource me and encouraged me to continue my professional development. There is a lot to be said for taking supervision out of the confines of the workplace to be explored in a non-judgmental environment. We now have a corporate contract with Ann Marie for regular supervision for our team of coaches. With gratitude, Sue, London

I have been in group supervision with Ann Marie for almost two years. It is a closed group of 6. I have felt challenged many times but never judged. For me, the group setting provides a wealth of learning and reflective dialogue. We have developed a warm, trusting collaborative alliance and sometimes forget Ann Marie is in the room! This is testament to her ability and experience. I always come away with a feeling of lightness: lighter for the self-care, lighter for the broader perspectives and lighter for the companionship and friendship. Thanks so much Ann Marie. All the best, Mike, London

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