Group Supervision 2023
Supervision through a Trauma Informed, System-Psychodynamic and Critical Reflective Action learning lens.

Group Supervision 2023


You work with a supervisor, peers, group dynamics, and the content during group supervision. Generally, a group will have 4-6 participants from varying but complimentary backgrounds.


The Benefits

  • You work live with and in group dynamics.
  • It is generally more affordable than one on ones. 
  • Peer-to-peer learning is central
  • More diverse perspectives in your process
  • Learn about areas outside your awareness, as others bring topics and cases to the process.
  • Enhances personal and professional development.
  • Builds professional competence and creative ways of working.
  • Provides additional support and clarity of purpose for participants.
  • An opportunity to learn in a supportive context and to strengthen professional practice.
  • An invitation to be self-monitoring and self-accountable, and self-reflecting.
  • A time to acknowledge achievements and successes.
  • A commitment to professionalism and best practice.


What to Expect

  • Each session lasts 2 hours
  • Each session has a participant check-in, 1- 2 client/topic cases usually picked by the group and a check-out. 
  • Sessions are midweek; times will be decided via the Doodle poll.
  • A 10-month group process is 960e and can be paid in 10 instalments of 96e.


Sessions occur on the 4th Monday of the Month for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, September, October, and November.


Morning Group: 9:30-11:30

Afternoon Group: 12:30-14:00



A commitment to attending at least 90% of the sessions is needed - as the group is part of the process, not just the content. If you have any questions, let me know. 


Participants Experiences 

"I get a lot out of group supervision. The small group process allows me to witness and be part of other people's learnings and processes. It, therefore, offers insights I would not get from 1:1 work. Then when I bring my own thing to work on, I get insight from a range of voices and opinions. That is very valuable. It's also engaging and enjoyable. I really like being in a group as it brings that sense of community and belonging. Lastly, if I ever am having a low-energy day, I can take a bit of a back seat but still be part of it. Highly recommend!" 


“The benefits of working in a closed group with Síle are the following;  1. There is a value in knowing that the group itself is a safe container held over time where value increases as rapport/trust/safety is built. A lot of the value comes from knowing it's not loose, or "drop in". 2. There is so much value from being in a closed group as more often than not, you come to realise that the challenges you secretly come up against, are often being faced by other coaches - but rarely spoken about. The quality of value increases over time as the rapport is built and it is as the group moves along the value is really felt from it being a closed group. 3. Difference between 1 to 1 and group, is you're getting unique perspectives, alternative solutions that you wouldn't have come up with on your own, and learning from people who see the world differently to you, but also can relate to your experiences. You're also learning so much, even when it isn't your challenge being discussed. There is always learning, even when your challenge isn't the focus.”


About the supervisor

Sile Walsh is an accredited Individual and Group Supervisor with the Association of Coaching. Sile’s practice is integrative, psychologically minded, inclusive, and trauma-informed.  Sile utilises the 7-eyed model for supervision and psychodynamic-systemic coaching, group dynamics, AMBIT (Adaptive mentalization-based integrative treatment) and leans into a co-created approach in her supervision.

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Dates and Costs
From Apr 23, 2023 to Dec 27, 2023

Morning Group: 9:30-11:30 or the Afternoon Group: 12:30-14:00


A 10-month group process is 960e and can be paid in 10 instalments of 96e.


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This is a virtual event.

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