AC Webinar Series: Coaching Through Bereavement in a Pandemic part 2
Join us for the second webinar in a three-part series on “Coaching Through Bereavement in a Pandemic”

AC Webinar Series: Coaching Through Bereavement in a Pandemic part 2

Do you feel equipped to handle bereavement, grief or loss in your coaching conversations? If you're a coach or supervisor, join us for this second part of a three-part webinar series on “Coaching Through Bereavement in a Pandemic” 

Maggie João and Julia Menaul will explore this important and sensitive topic and share some useful tools you can use with clients. They highlight how very little research and literature has been given over to bereavement within the coaching sphere. Bereavement is a huge topic and often a taboo subject in society, so how do coaches and supervisors handle grief and loss explicitly and implicitly within their work during a time of major loss caused by a pandemic.

They will focus on how bereavement shows up in coaching, what to do about it, and what useful tools you can use with clients. They will also consider the wider implications for coaches and supervisors of the different cultural attitudes to loss in general, and death and dying in particular, across the globe in the light of the pandemic.

Bereavement is universal however this webinar is tailored to helping all coaches and supervisors handle grief and loss within coaching.

  • When and when not to work with bereavement issues in coaching
  • How to identify your own triggers around bereavement and the implications for coaching
  • Awareness of the role of cultural assumptions in conversations around grief, loss, and bereavement
  • Description of each webinar:

Webinar 1: The Bereaved Coaching Client (4 March 2021)

How do your bereaved clients show up in coaching?
Should you coach them right now?
Where is the line between therapy and coaching for bereavement?
How can you be of use as a coach?

Webinar 2: The Bereaved Coach (18 March 2021)

How do you know if your own bereavement is showing up in your work?
When (and why) are you not fit to practice?
When can your own loss be in service to your client?

Webinar 3: Bereavement and Cultural Considerations (1 April 2021)

What assumptions do we make about grief, loss, and bereavement from within the dominant cultural paradigm in which we work?
Working and reflecting on diverse perceptions of bereavement from around the globe.

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Dates and Costs
Mar 18, 2021

Thursdays, 4, 18 March and 1 April 2021
13.00 GMT / 8.00 EST / 14.00 CET / 21.00 SGT / 23.00 AEST


Members: £85 + VAT Non-Members including 1-year AC Associate membership: £135 + VAT** ** This offer applies only to those who wish to become AC members. It cannot be used towards the renewal of current AC membership.


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