Coaching Supervision on Lake Zürich
Because we need support and community more now than ever

Coaching Supervision on Lake Zürich

Inside-Out Coaching Supervision Groups on Lake Zürich


Why get involved with Group Coaching Supervision?

The perfect accompaniment to your 1:1 supervision.

Sharing and reflecting on experiences, perspectives and knowledge.

Pooling and improving skills, techniques and processes.

Supporting and deepening ethical understanding and compliance.

Being part of a group of professional practice dedicated to supporting, learning and growing together.


What kind of Coaching Supervision group?

Closed group for 6 months initially.

3 or 4 participants plus supervisor.

English speaking.

In person – Goodness knows we all need it! (With updated Covid-19 restrictions and moving to zoom should there be no other way for a while).


Who will be supervising our group?

Gillian Walter

CSA Coaching Supervisor


ICFS Director for Membership


What can I expect from supervision groups?

Developing awareness, understanding and skills around Hawkins & Smith (2013) core functions of coaching supervision: Development, resourcing & qualitative.

Specific session details are according to cases, situations and questions brought in the moment.

Feel free to look at the website link above or call / email me to find out more.



Zürichstrasse 139, 8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland

Or Zoom when necessary.



Starting January 2021 (We will Doodle and agree between us)



2 hours / bi-monthly



100 CHF per hour, per participant (200 CHF bi-monthly / 1100 CHF single for 6 months in advance)



[email protected] / +41 (0)78 909 86 85 /


You can find more information in the Group Supervision Agreement HERE

Fill in and submit the form if you’re ready to join a group or call / email for more information.

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Gillian Walter

Accredited Coaching Supervisor

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Contact to join the group.

Dates and Costs
From Jan 10, 2021 to Jun 11, 2021

To be decided by each group of 4 participants


100 CHF per hour / per participant


More Information


Zürichstrasse 139 CH-8700 Küsnacht


Online Community

Become part of our online family. Connecting and empowering each other to succeed. We want to give supervision wider exposure and a larger 'share of voice' in the coaching community. Come and join us!

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