AoCS May Webinar with Peter Duffell: Emotions in Supervision
Peter Welch leads the second of our May webinars

AoCS May Webinar with Peter Duffell: Emotions in Supervision

Peter Duffell discusses the impact of Emotions in Supervision during a webinar hosted by Peter Welch.


Does emotion have any significance in coach supervision? This webinar will explore how emotions may provide valuable insight to both coach and supervisor. Whilst emotions are often taken for granted, they are a valuable source of information about what is going on for the coach. Unlike mood, emotions have a cause, therefore exploring them can often be extremely helpful. However there are a number of key factors that have to be considered when working with them - such as the language we use to describe them and how memory of emotional events changes over time.


During this interactive webinar, Peter Duffell will help the participants to understand how exploring emotions, when they arise, might help to inform their supervision work. The session will be based upon Peters research work, which was featured in Coaching at Work in May 2017.


Peter Duffell

Peter is an experienced Executive Coach and Coaching Supervisor. Before becoming a professional coach and coach supervisor, he worked for a number of global organisations such as HSBC and UBS in a 30 year business career. He has significant experience of coaching and mentoring individuals and teams through transformational change. Peter has a Masters Degree with distinction, in Coaching and Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University and is currently the Governance Director of EMCC UK.


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Dates and Costs
May 13, 2019

18.00 - 19.00 BST


Free for AoCS members, £25 for Non-AoCS members


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