AoCS May Webinar with Helen Reuben: Transpersonal Supervision
Julia Menaul hosts this month's AoCS webinar

AoCS May Webinar with Helen Reuben: Transpersonal Supervision

Helen Reuben from Purple Tree is our guest speaker for this month's webinar.Helen Reuben

If Transpersonal Coaching is about helping self and others to find more freedom, meaning and connection then what is Transpersonal Supervision and how different is it to most other supervision?

We are living in times of great change and uncertainty and many people are looking for more meaning and purpose in their lives.  We have a desire to be connected with something bigger – perhaps we feel there is something more?

There is a growing interest in higher energy and `Spiritual Intelligence` as a way of building on from E.Q – (Emotional Intelligence).

This is not a religious issue but a growing need to connect, to access greater joy, meaning and connection to be our `Best Self`

To go beyond Fear and Uncertainty and recognise the difference between our Ego voice and our Higher voice.

As supervisors we can help coaches to be the best of themselves and to link even more to their Compassion and Wisdom – to be more present and calmer in their responses and therefore able to link to their Intuition and `High Self` without letting the EGO block us in our work.

This webinar will introduce you to an alternative way of supervising and be an opportunity to share with fellow coaches and supervisors’ various philosophies around supervision and coaching.


Helen Reuben is a Coach, Coach Trainer and Coach Supervisor who also uses a Transpersonal approach and a passion for `Spiritual Intelligence` in her work. She helps coaches to develop intuition, working with energy and finding greater meaning and connection in life. She is also Reiki Master, NLP master and Hypnotherapist. Helen’s organisation `Purple Tree` successfully works in most sectors and at all levels.

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May 2, 2019

13.00 - 14.00 BST


Free for AoCS members, £25 for Non-AoCS members


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