By Clare Norman
Working in Partnership - Spotlight on Clare Norman and Steve Ridgley

Working in Partnership - Spotlight on Clare Norman and Steve Ridgley

Working in Partnership - Spotlight on Clare Norman and Steve Ridgley:

Mousetrap, backpacks, wizards, voodoo, over-egging the pudding!

These are just some of the weird and wonderful things we have referenced in our conversations about coaching supervision in our podcast, “Lifting the Lid on Coaching Supervision”.

We’ve had fun, we’ve stretched each other’s thinking and we hope we’ve shed some light on coaching supervision for those who want to get to know it better.  That is our main aim after all.  We came together to create this podcast series because we wanted to make coaching supervision more accessible to coaches.  More understandable to those who haven’t experienced it.  More value-add to those who want to increase the learning they get from it.

During our first month or so, we’ve:

  • contracted for our work together
  • defined what supervision is and is not
  • discussed routes into supervision
  • helped you to prepare for and check-in to supervision
  • highlighted what coaches might bring to supervision
  • and much more besides!!

It seems to be popular – over 250 downloads so far. We could not have predicted how people would respond, but we hope it’s filling a gap in people’s sense of the ‘what, why and hows’ of coaching supervision.

You can listen to them all, from start to finish (that’s Clare).

Or dip in and out in a way that feels most timely and relevant for you (that’s Steve).

The two of us are quite different in the way we approach our own coaching supervision, so you will see there is no one size fits all approach.  That’s a bit of a recurring theme actually…that there is no one right answer in coaching supervision.  Just like in coaching, you will find your own answers in coaching supervision that come from who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

We talk frequently – here on the podcast and in our coaching supervision sessions - about who you are being as a coach vs what you are doing.

Before we started this series, we didn’t know much about each other’s signature styles; through our conversations, we’re definitely learning about what distinguishes us.  We are finding synergies and differences in how we supervise.  We’ve also learned a great deal from each other, which is one of the pleasant surprises for us.  Maybe we should record an episode on coaching supervisor USPs!  We think you will get a feel for who we are and how we supervise – and maybe we’ll inspire you to join one (or both) of us in coaching supervision, whether that is 1-1 or in a group.

We’ve got many, many episodes already in the can, ready to broadcast.  If you subscribe on your favourite podcast platform (see below), you’ll see the new episodes as we add them.  And if you need an extra reminder, we’ll be letting you know via LinkedIn and Twitter each Tuesday when we release them.  Podcasts are so flexible.  You can listen to them when you are out on your dog-walk or your run, while you are cooking or while you are in the bath.  Or if you are driving anywhere these days, you can listen to our dulcet tones in your car.  We promise to bring you wit and wisdom.

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Our huge thanks to the Association of Coaching Supervisors for their sponsorship and to McGraw Hill.

Clare Norman, PCC and author of Mentor Coaching: A Practical Guide

Steve Ridgley, Supervisor, coach, and trainer.

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