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Sunny Stout-Rostron

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About Sunny

Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron has over 25 years’ international experience as an executive coach and believes there is a strong link between emotional intelligence and business results. She has played a leading role in building the emerging profession of coaching, and her passion is to develop the knowledge base for coaching through research and the critical reflective practice of dedicated practitioners.

Sunny is Executive Director of Sunny Stout-Rostron Associates CC, a Founding Fellow at the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital (a Harvard Medical School Affiliate), and Founding President of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA).

She is also a prolific author – one of her favourite activities is writing on holiday in South Africa’s wine country! Her most recent books include: Leadership Coaching for Results: Cutting-edge practices for coach and client (Knowres, 2014) and Business Coaching International: Transforming individuals and organizations (2009/2013).

Sunny has joined AOCS as an Honorary Member.


Professional Doctorate research in Executive Coaching with Middlesex University, London; MA Sussex Uni; BA (Hons) Portsmouth Univeristy

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Based in: Capetown, South Africa

South Africa

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