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Accredited Coaching Supervisor
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Patrick Hobbs

Accredited Coaching Supervisor

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Patrick is a highly experienced international executive coach and coach supervisor. Coming from a creative and entrepreneurial background, he has been supervising coaches and facilitators since 2010 and coaching since 2006, working with professionals and leaders across 30 countries. Clients have included Aviva, Barclays Bank, BP, Cadbury, HSBC, IKEA, John Lewis, McKinsey, Mondelez, Munich Re, Philips, Reuters, Rolls-Royce, Sainsbury, schools, charities and the NHS.

He brings an intuitive and holistic approach to both coaching and supervision, working with clients and coaches as multi-faceted human beings, applying psychological insights in thoughtful and creative ways. He believes in unlocking people's deeper resources and motivations and combining this with a keen awareness of practical questions.

For him supervision is about enabling coaches to do the best coaching possible, coaching that is powerfully effective. It is about helping you to understand what is happening in your work with your clients, enabling you to keep deepening the wisdom and creativity you bring to your work, and supporting you to bring the best of yourself to every session. He is particularly interested in the relationship between spirituality, aspiration and compassion, and how coaching might serve not only the traditional goals of the business community but also the wider needs of society.

Patrick holds two degrees and the following professional accreditations:

• International Coach Federation – Professional Certified Coach, Coach Mentor
• International Coach Federation (UK) – Coach Supervisor, Coach Mentor
• Association for Coaching – Coaching Supervisor
• European Mentoring and Coaching Council – Senior Practitioner, Supervisor

Along the way he has established businesses in the UK, Italy and the Netherlands and set up and run an art gallery, worked with disabled adults, disadvantaged children and young offenders, produced handmade furniture, written 2 books and made bread in a monastery.

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Supervision Rate £125-£150 per hour (plus expenses if face-to-face)
Group Supervision Rate Phone or F2F: £75 per person
Telephone Supervision Rate £125-£150 per hour


Accredited Coaching Supervisor with AC, EMCC and UK ICF;
Accredited Master Executive Coach (AC), Senior Practitioner / Master Coach (EMCC) and Master Certified Coach (ICF );
Diploma in Coaching, Certificate in Coach Supervision;
NLP Master Practitioner, registered practitioner in MBTI (1&2) and Integrative Enneagram;
BA Hons, MA.


“I have worked with Patrick as my coach supervisor. He is extremely insightful and intuitive in his approach. He is professional and knowledgeable and combines this with a personable yet incisive style. He has helped me to reflect on my own coaching and has challenged me to learn and develop as a coach. I am convinced that my coaching clients have benefitted from the supervision I have received from Patrick. I would recommend him without reservation. ” (Chris Avis, Psychologist and Coach)

“Patrick is highly skilled as a supervisor. He has great insight and warmth, is a good teacher and asks precise questions that quickly illuminate the core issues.“
(Katerina Gould, Executive Coach)

“I find your questions really insightful and challenging, they help me to think about things in a different way. I like the way you share of your vulnerability as a coach, you are not the doctor and I am not the patient, we are both coaches in this together… You demonstrate great skill in meeting me where I’m at, you do that deeper listening and you say something that bottoms it out for me, you get underneath what I’m trying to say. I’ve found that hugely helpful, and I’ve felt incredibly safe… This is supervision. It’s the opportunity to step back and reflect on what I’m doing and to test my beliefs, test what I’m doing, as a reality check. It’s talking to someone else who works in this business and knowing I’m not the only one who experiences these things. It helps me get clarity and get clean if I’m getting into the client’s stuff – it gives me a chance to look at it, talk about it and come away cleansed. ”
(Louise McCalmont, Coach)

“Patrick has been a mentor and coaching supervisor for me for some time. I have found my sessions with him extremely effective and have learnt and grown a great deal through our work together. He is wise, intuitive and warm, His care and the genuine sense that he wants the best for me (and has the seen the best in me) are palpable and have helped me build confidence in my own abilities. ”
(Ginny Fraser, Personal and Executive Coach)

“I’m amazed how well you listen and reflect back, using my words and striking me with them. In this way you construct very powerful questions. You have few questions but laser questions; they help me to see the essence of something… You kept me in touch with what is important for me... The more I was supervised, the more conscious I was about how important supervision is. It’s a place where I feel heard, where I can leave all my doubts, recharge my batteries, have insights and have a broader view. These supervision sessions with you have been very valuable.”
(Leda Turai, Executive Coach, and Coach Supervisor)

"You see through things and you have this ability to cut through the smoke and get to the nuts and bolts of what needs to be done, the question that needs to be asked. You're also challenging, especially about contracting and the importance of contracting. It's been invaluable. I wouldn't miss this for the world in terms of the value of being able to share with someone in a way that's really safe... I was very sceptical - what do I need this for? I thought I'd been trained and could get on without this. You cut that away within seconds and made me focus and helped me to reflect on what I was here for... The guy I'm coaching, he has benefited far beyond anything I thought was possible, and there is no way the coaching would have been so successful without your input.”
(Ian Stickland, HR Partner and Master Coach, J Sainsbury PLC)

“I absolutely love supervision – every single session that we’ve done together has been brilliant, really useful... I always feel at the end of our sessions my head is a lot clearer, I’m challenged in my thinking and seeing what I need to be doing… and I’ve gone away from each supervision conversation energised for the next coaching session..."
(Darren Bodycote, Master Coach, J Sainsbury PLC)

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