Melanie Armstrong
Accredited Coaching Supervisor
Melanie Armstrong

Accredited Coaching Supervisor

About Melanie

My style of supervision is professional, developmental, reflective, stimulating, energising and thus stretching. I am still working at being more challenging!

I am trained in the use of the seven eyed model for supervision, developed by Hawkins and Shohet, which is naturally suited to the helping professions. Other influential theories that impact upon my style are Carl Rogers and Frank Lake’s works.

I believe in supervision from a deeply ethical belief that in order to coach effectively you need to be clear on how you are experienced by your coachees, and how you learn from the process of feedback and reflection. What is critical for me is that there is a ‘watching eye’ on my practice which helps me to continually improve my offering.

Also, by experiencing supervision myself as a supervisor I can repeat best practice by handing on my own learning through others. Finally, it is really important to me that the supervision profession can facilitate the process of ethical rigour for coaching practice in the UK and more widely.

I offer supervision by agreeing mutual goals both for supervisor and supervisee e.g. what purpose will the supervision serve? Already qualified or training to be a coach? What do they need from supervision – reflection, exploration, a critical friend, developmental stretch etc? A contract is agreed which clearly sets out expectations, boundaries such as confidentiality, timing, duration, review periods of the effectiveness of the relationship, learning etc. when and where supervision will take place, and resource implications. Sessions typically last around 1 hour.

After an initial meeting to see whether there could be a mutually agreeable working contract set up, usually sessions would take place around every 6-8 weeks and/or if the need arises in between scheduled times. As part of the working contract arrangements will be set in place for cancellations etc.

Usually most supervision meetings are held face to face, in a confidential setting, however telephone supervision and/or the use of Skype can also be very effective. The key is the quality of the relationship, and then one that is in place the location will usually work.


Supervision Rate £45-£60 per hour, depending on organisation e.g. charity
Telephone Supervision Rate £25 per hour

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Based in: G60, glasgow

United Kingdom

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