Louise Schubert
Accredited Coaching Supervisor
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Louise Schubert

Accredited Coaching Supervisor

Country Coordinator, Spain

About Louise

Louise has always had a curiosity for languages and new cultures. She was brought up in a family where two European languages were spoken. This facet of her life continues within her own family, where Austrian and English interweave with Spanish and Catalan.

Her first qualifications were in Hotel Management and after a few years at the sharp end she was offered the opportunity to join the industry Training Board, where she specialized as a consultant in Learning and Development. She also obtained a post- graduate diploma in HR Management. In this role she advised companies in their overall People Development policies and helped them to identify and bring life to the processes and practical steps that would bring about change.

She felt the need to return to corporate life and first managed a specialist Learning and Development team within a Retail organisation. She was then invited to join a previous client in a Head Office role for an International Hotel and Leisure organisation. Here she was involved at a more strategic level, initially in the UK and then she moved to Spain 21 years ago, to perform a similar role.

For the last 14 years Louise has worked either on her own behalf or as an associate of other consultancies looking for an entry into the Spanish Market place. She works with both Fortune 500 companies and smaller family enterprises. She also collaborates with a Barcelona Business School as a Coach and Supervisor.

She gained an MSC in Organisation Consulting; she is in an accredited Coach (EIA) with the EMCC and has qualified as a Coach Supervisor.

She has a passion for projects involving Cross Cultural challenges; she participates regularly in different Management Assessment processes and leadership development programmes.
She has the ability to enable others to see issues from a different point of view. She is both supportive and challenging as the situation best requires. Her energy is contagious and together with her strong people skills, she enables change to take its course in a variety of different scenarios.

She is a Member of the EMCC and CIPD as well as their Spanish equivalents AECOP and AEDIPE. In Spain she is the Agent for LIFO Method and is also qualified as a user of FIRO B, and the Hermann Brain Type Indicator. She also forms part of a worldwide network of Intercultural consultants called ITAP. whose tool "the Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire" can also be found in her box of tools.

She collaborates with EADA one of the Barcelona Business Schools, where she has been introducing supervision into a new Master in International Leadership and Coaching in Organisations. She works as supervisor with the local pool of coaches, as they both work for accreditation from AECOP and build their own practices.

Over two years ago she founded a professional women’s peer mentoring group in the local business community. This continues to provide valuable support and encourage its members to deal positively and creatively with the challenges that they face.

She works with clients both face to face and via Skype. In the face to face sessions she works on a one to one basis or in group supervision. When the situation allows she likes to bring in creative approaches.

Louise has strong interpersonal skills and finds it easy to make people feel at ease when they start to work with her. She is intuitive in that she senses and observes what is happening in the immediate environment. She picks up signals from what people are saying and notices what is not said.

She thinks logically and expresses herself in a rational way. She sees connections between different ideas and observes the big picture. She works systemically in that she is aware of what is going on in the “here and now” and relates this to other dynamics at play in each situation. In supervision she encourages the client to think beyond the immediate issue, to find different perspectives and challenges them on their underlying assumptions. In doing this she helps them find answers to the questions that they bring to the session.

She joined AOCS as an ambassador for Spain and is delighted to find a forum to work and exchange with other supervisors. She will now be taking the role forward to develop a supervisor network south of the Pyrenees. Do contact Louise with any enquiries relating to Spain.


Supervision Rate €140 -180 per session
Group Supervision Rate €400 per person for a series of 6 group sessions (3 hours each)
Telephone Supervision Rate €140 per session


Senior Coach Practitioner (EIA) with the EMCC; qualified Coach Supervisor with Ashridge and MSC in Organisation Consulting through Ashridge.


"I want to thank you for your time and openness this Friday. It was a pleasure to share the conversation, and the supervision was great. I really love your style, so warm and authentic and at the same time effective and impactful!"

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