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Accredited Coaching Supervisor
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Liz Stewart

Accredited Coaching Supervisor

Professional Qualifications

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About Liz

I believe in people and their potential and the purpose of Point of Light is to assist those who are ready to illuminate their true potential.

Since I can remember I have had an innate desire to see people grow and develop. I thought the way I would achieve this was to become a Primary Teacher; however, I discovered a role I never knew existed - coaching. Since 2003 I have developed myself within the coaching profession and beyond. I am deeply passionate about human beings and what can get in their way not only mentally but physically and emotionally. This led to my interest in Reiki and EFT. I have continuously developed my coaching skills since 2003 and taken that further, becoming a qualified Coach Supervisor and Mentor.

When you choose to work with me, you are engaging with a qualified professional who pulls upon many aspects of human development in service of Illuminating your full potential. My aspiration is to make my business, Point of Light, a brand that will be associated with a values-led approach and courageous integrity that truly inspires people to make a difference in their own and other’s lives. I’m here to help that happen.

I also come with 13 years corporate experience in Tesco where I held various HR, L&D and regional roles prior to discovering coaching through an award-winning internal change programme.

Specifically regarding supervision - why bother?

I personally like the definition taken from the 50 Maori psychologists discussed in the Handbook of Coaching Psychology by Michael Carroll - supervision is the “gathering the treasures of the past into the competencies of the present for the well-being of the future.”
This allows on-going professional development and can highlight areas for training, development or concern. Supervision is experiential learning and creates the opportunity for you to do “better work”.

Take your learning’s and insights and return to your next coaching/supervision session with a different mindset or experiments. This learning cycle is continuous.

Appreciation of the bigger system, creating a new awareness or greater perspective of all that is. This will involve the needs of various stakeholders.

Supervision cleans up your practice by reviewing, questioning, considering, thinking and critically reflecting on your professional work.

The supervisor acts as the gate keeper of ethics, ensuring the coach is working ethically. This is an accountability I hold with rigour.

Supervision can help a coach transform their work and identify where he/she is the block for any shift occurring. An opportunity to think about the broader impact and changes your insights will make to your continuing practise as a coach.

What makes me a great supervisor?

- My pricing is transparent visit
- I will direct, tell and advise. And say “No!”
- Keep a wide focus to aid analysis and thinking.
- I will use the power of naming what goes on for me as the supervisor during the session. It may be parallel process and it can be hugely powerful for the supervisee.
- I will create safety and trust allowing the “question” to be brought and worked upon.
- I will keep a respectful distance from the supervisee.
- I will keep “the issue” on the table” so it can be thought about, reflected upon and not get caught within the emotion from the story losing the focus of “the work”

My Point of Light approach:

What will I do?

P - Protect the Public and Profession
O - Observe client, coach and system
I - Intruding (Personal on the Professional)
N - Negotiate the contract cleanly and continuously, remembering Contact before Contract
O - Organisational awareness
F - Facilitate learning and understand Supervisees learning style

How will I do it?

L - Light the shadows and the unseen work
I - Illuminate the key issue (and the one beneath that)
G - Give direction and advice as required
H - Hold the supervisee accountable within the ICF Code of Ethics and their work
T - THEORY creates the solution and action that the supervisee takes away

and finally, personally...

I am a volunteer for Tayside Cancer Support and a Befriender for families affected by Cancer. I provide the training for the new Befriendees on their Communication and Listening skills weekend. I also provide supervision for the internal facilitators who look after the Befrienders.


Supervision Rate £100 + vat for coaches charging £60 to £80 per coaching session; £150+vat for coaches charging £80 to £100 per coaching session; your highest coaching charge +20%+vat for coaches charging over £100 per coaching session
Group Supervision Rate £115 + vat each for a maximum 4 hour session. Based on a minimum of 4 coaches in the group
Telephone Supervision Rate £100 + vat for coaches charging £60 to £80 per coaching session; £150+vat for coaches charging £80 to £100 per coaching session;


Mentor supervision

Supervisor of coaching

Supervisor of supervisors



Group supervision

Telephone and/or virtual


Creative Visionary Shamanic Practitioner
Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 & 2
Unconventional Coaching
Diploma in Team Coaching
Member of Association of Coach Supervisors
ICF Standard - Qualified Supervisor and Mentor Coach
Reiki Level 1
Heartmastery – Shift to the Heart
Coaching Essentials
Member of International Coaching Federation
Befriender and Provider of Supervision for Tayside Cancer Support
Stress Management Consultant
NLP Practitioner
Tesco Internal Change Coach
Bed Honours Primary Teaching Degree


"Liz has a unique ability to simply frame the content of our supervision sessions and then use powerful questions and summarising to allow me to deepen my thinking quite quickly. I am always amazed at how much we cover in a short period of time and that I come away with enough to reflect upon and put into action."
(Cordelia Grant, Delivery Consultant)

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Based in: 59 Glamis Road DD8 5EG

United Kingdom

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