Leen Lambrechts-Noël
Country Coordinator / Ambassador
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Leen Lambrechts-Noël

Country Coordinator / Ambassador

Ambassador/Country Coordinator for Belgium

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About Leen

As supervisor, I like to see myself as a compassionate inquirer, interested in growing together with clients. My drive to continuously optimize, fits the role of supervisor as we co-create a renewed horizon for quality services to clients.

For me, supervision for is …“a changing conversation of both learning and unlearning … where both people will have an experience of knowing something that they did not know before they met, that will have emerged in the co-created space between them” (Shohet, 2011)
… an “interruption of our practice”. By becoming more alert and present through reflecting on our “comfort stories” and by creating the free space to rejuvenate ourselves with new inspiration, we can serve our clients even better in the next sessions (Carroll, 2010) (De Haan & Sills, 2012)

I was a pioneer in coaching in Belgium. In 2006, I was the first female Master Certified Coach in the Benelux. I am trained as assessor for ICF-competencies at all levels: ACC, PCC, MCC. I am in the coaching business since 1990 and I have (co)-founded multiple long term accreditation programs for coaches. I am the co-author of the book “I want a coach”, written for potential clients of coaches, to lower the threshold to start a coaching trajectory.

I like to combine my sharp observations with practical advise on how you can reach the next level in your own development. I prefer experiential learning and that is why supervision is exactly providing me this learning-from-doing by “reflection-on-action”. (Schön, 2003)
You may send me recordings of coaching sessions, and I will assess them based on the ICF competencies. Supervisees tell me they don’t feel judged by the assessments, but rather feel invited to deeper explore what is really driving them to keep on doing what they do.

As I am an experienced coach-trainer, a team-coaching trainer, my backpack with tools I can share, is big. I can work with you through the relational lens, the systemic lens, cognitive lens, appreciative approach, and much more. Sometimes, I may become very passionate about something, but know in advance, I will invite you to push back with alternating viewpoints, because I believe this will lead to true co-creation.

My values of adventure and discovery, drive me to keep looking with curious eyes, above, below, besides, beneath, against and within yours and mine reality. I embrace paradoxes by seeing advantages of both sides and I will not refrain from mirroring you limiting perspectives.
I enjoy intense connectedness during conversations and I feel sparkles when new insights are emerging in the field between us. Besides this, my dissociation capacity allows me to switch from being with supervisees in the oneness field, to an observant position overlooking the whole, being alert for ethical boundaries and professional guidelines.

I have lived multiple moments of shame myself in my coaching career and have found that coming into the open with it, was a healing activity. Therefore I feel a lot of empathy for the difficulty one might experience exploring ones unconscious and self-protecting truths.
I have gone through many deep waters of self-exploration and self-healing, which causes me not to shy away from posing challenging questions. I still invite myself to keep growing through deep reflections, meditations and continuous education, whereby every supervision is a new learning opportunity for me as well.

Supervisees mention that I keep on seeing the positive side and that I don’t refrain to bring a new perspective where necessary.
Last but not least, I’d like to see myself as a continuous learner, fulfilled with gratefulness for what has been, and joyfulness to live my live, to its’ fullest.

Leen is our Ambassador/Country Coordinator for Belgium so do contact her with any enquiries about supervision and how to join AOCS.

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Supervision Rate 280€ face-face
Group Supervision Rate 80€ per hour
Telephone Supervision Rate 100€ per hour


Supervisor of coaching

Mentor supervision



Group supervision

Telephone and/or virtual


Ashridge Post Graduate Diploma Organisational Supervision
Master Certified Coach (ICF)
ICF mentor-coach
Program Director of ACTP program (Accredited Coach Training Program)
Lead Trainer of 6-day team coaching program (ICF CCE accredited)


Supervision Leen Lambrechts - Testimonial Supervision Trajectory
“If you ask me about the effect of this supervision trajectory, I can be very straightforward: it ignited my transformation as a coach. This might sound dramatic, but that is what I experience on a daily basis. Not only have I received a gigantic confidence boost, I also gained insight in the different processes and layers influencing my coaching sessions, coachees and myself as a coach. To put it in a simple way: I am a different coach sitting next to my coachees now. I have confidence in the process, my self observer is sharpened in an amazing way, I am much more sensing and listen ‘between the words’, I have a clear view on my talents and skills as a coach, … Next to that, I took big, big, big steps in my personal process. Having a whole new toolbox for reflection on both my clients cases and on myself, this supervision trajectory pushed me into step by step becoming the best version of me, seeing with new eyes, hearing with new ears and feeling with a deepened sensitivity.”
Natacha Ciezkowski, PCC - Professional Certified Coach ICF

Leen is excellent in the restorative role. She is able to find something positive in every situation and completes this with her own experience and wisdom. I have felt reassured in what I was doing as a coach much more than I expected at the start of this process and this is a very energising experience.
Nelleke - PCC Coach

This type of reflective supervision was new for me and it really boosted my self-confidence. I am convinced that a lot of (starting) coaches can benefit a lot from this type of supervision. Leen also used different methods and explained contracting clearly before and during the sessions.
Leen is a very integer and respectful person, who puts a lot of joy into this supervision process. This worked very well for me.
Greet Vandevoort - PCC coach

Leen is a great person who could give me every time the feeling I was doing good things. Maybe not always “the best”, but already good. And that was fine for me to hear and to feel. It really helped my self-confidence
The fact that the whole group felt so at ease is certainly Leen’s merit. She is very sensitive to group dynamics and she certainly created a climate that allowed us to maximize our learning experience. The difference in all the techniques certainly increased our learning curve.
Lucia Soetens

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Based in: Brussels


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I will travel up to 300 km (186 miles)

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Dutch, English, French

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Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Luxembourg

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