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Keri Phillips

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Throughout my career in individual and organisation development I have enjoyed writing about my work. I will therefore use my books as a theme in this profile.

When I joined Roffey Park Management College I was lucky enough to be working with a group of highly talented individuals who sought to make a major contribution in the application of therapy based ideas in management development.

We shared our growing expertise in transactional analysis and gestalt psychology and ran structured, yet flexible experiential workshops to support managers review their style, values and purpose. This is described in, 'Unfinished Business: The Theory and Practice of Personal Process Work', which I co-authored with Neil Clark and Dave Barker.

It was also at Roffey Park that I began my continuing fascination with the development of those who seek to develop others. This led to my writing, 'The Management of Interpersonal Skills Training', this time co-authored with Tony Fraser. The natural extension of this work with trainers was to support consultants, both internal and external.

It was my privilege to work with Dr Patricia Shaw, both at Roffey and later. She later became a major figure in the elaboration and exploration of complexity theory. She and I created and ran a programme for the Brunel Management programme as well as co-authoring, ' A Consultancy Approach for Trainers and Developers'.

Another major phase in my career started when I met Dr Jean Boulton, a highly gifted and innovative consultant, also a thought leader in complexity theory. ( I am eager to see her book which is due our next year). With Jean I was involved in a number of multi-faceted culture change initiatives with markedly different organisations; for example, Scottish Equitable and Carillion.

It was during the 1990's that I began to add the title 'coach' to my work. Not surprisingly I wanted to write about it. Jean was hugely supportive of me in this venture; not least by being a first rate editor. I wrote, 'Coaching in Organisations : Between the Lines'; this is currently a core text for the CIPD Foundation Certificate in Coaching.

In have become more and more passionate in my desire to write short, accessible, yet hopefully engaging and challenging books. In recent years this has led to a number of 'bite-size' publications: 'Transactional Analysis in Organisations'.

Whilst at Roffey Park I ran a variety of TA courses for trainers and managers. I have been really pleased that TA seems to have come back very strongly in the last decade or so. As a result I decided to write an overview of its main features and also to examine its possible contribution to coaching, team building and leadership.

'Intuition in Coaching', is based upon my MA in coaching which I took at Chester University. The course was work-based learning, on which I thrived. The book has been the basis of several conference presentations, including the first EMCC UK Conference.

' Creative Coaching: Doing and Being' was prompted by working with a number of managers who were also being trained as coaches. They wanted to have some idea of creative possibilities and the associated ethical challenges.

'Fragmentation at Integration'. In brief, this is about self-sabotage, and was inspired by hearing Maria Gilbert at the British Association for Supervision Practice and Research Conference. My research for the book led me to another current interest - 'the cusp' ; being on the edge in terms of role and identity. (in recent blogs, I have explored this in relation to the coaching of women).

'Coaching and Betrayal'. Becoming an accredited coaching supervisor through the Coaching Supervision Academy gave me a strong impetus to take as wide a perspective as I could on the cultural context for coaching. This prompted me to pick up on the theme of 'betrayal' which seemed in various ways to arise as a topic in the coaching or supervision room. Having written the book, it seems to have struck a chord with many in the recent economic and social climate.

I have already presented a couple of workshops on this topic ( for the Coaches in Government Network and the EMCC North West Group and more will occur later.

A workshop I recently attended, run by Michael Cavanagh and David Lane at the BPS Coaching Conference led me to focus even more on the nature of my purpose. I became even clearer about my desire to develop and disseminate new ideas about coaching theory and practice.

On that basis I have produced more thought-through papers, such as the one on Envy offered on this site and Parallel Process. I have equally enjoyed 'thinking out loud 'on the blog on my web-site. Here I offer half-formed ideas on topics such as 3rd Position, Coaching Women, Transition, Forgiveness, Door-Handle Dynamics and Hot Potato.


Supervision Rate Up to £150
Group Supervision Rate Up to £150
Telephone Supervision Rate Up to £150


MA Coaching ( Distinction), Certified Transactional Analyst ( Organisations). Accredited Coaching Supervisor ( CSA). MBTI Steps 1 and 2. FIRO-B. BPS Levels A and B.


"Keri has been my supervisor for the last year. Through Keri's wisdom, skill, perception and presence I am consistently able to make new sense of my own practice as a coach of senior leaders in the New Zealand government sector. Keri is able to attune to where I am in each phase of the conversation and to 'hold' and probe my creative tensions, allowing me to reflect, forge new connections and translate these insights into action. Keri is an outstanding coach and supervisor and he is a thought leader in this field."
(Tim Roberts, Visiting Fellow University of Chester)

"Keri brought a deep knowledge of coaching and very effective process to my supervision. By introducing me to a number of new techniques, he moved me well out of my comfort zone and expanded my repertoire substantially. Our discussions around the doubts and concerns I had about my style of coaching reassured me that I have a sold foundation on which to build my development. Finally the discussions about some of my coaching relationships enabled me to be more aware of the risks and, therefore, better placed to manage them effectively." (Humphrey Claxton)

"I have known Keri as both coach and supervisor for the past 4-5 years. He is one of the most generous professionals I have come across, giving freely of his time, his knowledge and himself. Throughout our sessions he is focused, insightful and, importantly for me, keeps me firmly - but gently - to the point. I cannot think of a time when Keri has not been able to draw on some theory, tool, technique or simply instinct to help me unfold a situation. I leave each session feeling clear and inspired to take action and whether we have had a serious, difficult or more practical conversation I have a sense of having had a rewarding, and good, time! " (Debra Winterson)

"I have worked with Keri in the area of Management Learning and Coaching over the past twenty-five years. During that span of time I have found Keri to be a highly able researcher, designer, and deliverer of learning interventions. I have been particularly impressed by the innovative quality of Keri's research, where I have invited him to present on a number of occasions to the University of Bristol Coaching Research Centre, where he has been crtically and warmly welcomed by a discerning audience. I would have no hesitation in recommending Keri Phillips for assignments in the field of coaching and mentoring."
(Dan Doherty, EMCC UK Director Research and Ethics)

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