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Accredited Coaching Supervisor
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Jo Birch

Accredited Coaching Supervisor

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About Jo

The art and practice of supervision is a joy to me - creating a partnership in which I use my skills and resources to enable other professionals to do what they do better. I see supervision as a unique space in which we are deepening and extending our being, doing and knowing; and through these explorations and reflections, enhancing the service we provide to those who choose to work with us.

I bring many lenses to supervision sessions through which we might explore the work of the day. These are drawn from my experience, and from teachers and mentors over the years in diverse, yet aligned, fields.

My practice rests on a responsibility for attending to my own presence and quality of attention, and a deep commitment to the relationship – often able to use the here-and-now as illumination towards further awareness. I use supervision process frameworks, creative methodology, models, adult development theory, contemporary leadership knowledge and enquiry, and the ability to work at psychological depth to facilitate more meaningful understanding.

Alongside coaching supervision, my long history within the NHS, and subsequent community health sector development, give rise to my special interest in providing psychologically-minded supervision to NHS consultants, managers and specialist practitioners.

I also enjoy a current psychotherapy practice and supervise students through to supervisors within the counselling field.

And I am always a learner myself! Whilst I lead the delivery of coaching supervision training throughout the world, particularly in Europe and Asia Pacific, and support highly experienced executive coaches to enhance their skills, I am always extending myself and my own self-awareness. Knowing me, knowing what makes me tick, is the key to being fully present and attentive to someone else, wholly in the moment together - in service of this person and their professional and personal growth.

Supervision is the space to bring play, wonder and celebration together with blips, trips, profound ethical and existential dialogue. What riches can be found between us!

Extended Professional commitments:
I currently lead the CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision programme in Switzerland and, alongside Leanne Lowish, in Asia Pacific.
As co-founding Director of the International Centre for Reflective Practice I design and offer a range of development opportunities for coaches and coaching supervisors across the world. Virtual and Modular Certificate and Diploma in Coaching Supervision courses are run through our Crucial Difference initiative.
I’m involved in dialogue groups within the professional bodies that extend our understanding of supervision, and enhance the standards of our work, as supervisors and coaches, and the professional field.

I write blogs and articles when the moment takes me, and have co-edited 'Coaching Supervision: advancing practice, changing landscapes'.

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Corrie, S., Birch, J. Fit for purpose: getting the best supervision for your practice. Coaching Today 2014 (12: 26-30)
Birch, J., Corrie, S. Standing out for the crowd: what’s your USP? Coaching Today 2014 (10: 6-11)
Birch, J. In focus: Stepping into the future Coaching Today 2013 (5: 32-33)

Holder, J. Making a difference with our difference. Coaching Today 2014 (12: 11-16)
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Supervision Rate £225 per hour.
Group Supervision Rate Virtual Group Supervision usually works out around £100 per hour, per person. I always run small groups - three/four people for either 90 minutes or two hours. Internal organisational contracts may involve large groups - contact me for pricing and details.
Telephone Supervision Rate For individuals, Zoom, phone: £225 per hour for one-to-one supervision. Corporate supervision contracts may differ, please contact me for pricing and details.
Other Rate Face-to-face appointments in London are an additional £40. We will meet in a confidential, quiet, professional City of London location.


Reflective practitioner

Supervisor of coaching

Supervisor of supervisors



Group supervision

Telephone and/or virtual


Professional Qualifications & memberships:
Diploma in Coaching Supervision (CSA)
MA Counselling (Keele)
Post Grad Diploma in Counselling
Cert Person-centred Art Therapy
Cert Coaching Practice (APP)
Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT1)
Pacific Institute Facilitator
Urdu GCSE (2009)
Cert Basic Mongolian for Business
RGN RSCN (not currently registered)

Professional Memberships:
MBACP British Assn for Counselling and Psychotherapy
BACP Coaching Executive (2010-2014); Chair 2012-2014
MAC Assn for Coaching; current member Special Interest Group (SIG) Supervision
GSN Global Supervisors Network; current co-lead SIG Supervision of Supervision


"Lovely person, calming influence, very good in getting you to focus on yourself and self-reflect on what makes you who you are…as a coach AND as a person."
Nadine Slater, Coach

"Jo – you have a very warm approach, however you don’t fudge issues – you deal with them and I like this approach because it stretches me."
Caroline Whitehurst, Coach

"I love the way you work Jo, you have a light touch but get right to the core of things with your insightful questions and observations. Your ability to ‘hold’ the group and the process and work with people in a deep and meaningful way (if that is where they want to go) is something I really value. Without that depth, supervision can feel a bit superficial. I also have absolute faith that you will hold the boundaries and work with people in a way that is ethical and safe. You are confident enough to let other group members take up the rein at times but I also appreciate that you will step in when you have something to add or another perspective. This is important for me otherwise it’s peer supervision and I appreciate the benefit of your experience and skills as a supervisor. So thank you for that. Jo is a very skilled, experienced and insightful supervisor who excels at supporting people to develop deeper understandings and insights - resulting in a growing of awareness, skills and confidence. She has a warm and empathetic approach but can quietly challenge people to look at themselves and a situation in variety of different ways."
Beth Cumming, Coach/Supervisor

"Jo, you were incredibly good at facilitating this group process. You achieved a perfect balance between allowing enough freedom for us to explore and discover hidden issues and at the same time keeping it on track with time and direction. That sort of balance is not easy to achieve and you seem to achieve it with ease and grace. You also told us a little bit about yourself as well so I felt very much that you were part of the group rather than a facilitator overseeing it from a distance. You created a safe environment in which we had the freedom to express anything that we want to talk about, whether it was about coaching or other personal issues. Over the duration of the supervision that feeling of safety grew with each meeting. When it comes to supervision Jo Birch is the real deal. It’s like going on a voyage of discovery where you and the others get inside a boat and collectively decide how and where the boat will go. Jo has a firm hand on the tiller as she expertly guides the group through a structured process even though you don’t feel it’s structured at the time. If anybody gets stuck during the journey she has a raft of tools that she can use to help them find a way to express themselves and raise their self-awareness. If you are a coach looking for a structured and facilitated group then look no further. Jo Birch’s supervision is fantastic."
Eric Rainey, Coach

"Supervision (with you) allows me to explore how I feel about situations that I have found myself in the work arena, how it impacts on me and others around me and how that affects the way I interact with my clients and colleagues."
PG Midwife

"Supervision (with you) gives me the space to reflect, share and learn about new aspects of myself and my work. It helps my confidence and enables me to feel less isolated. It also helps me to think imaginatively about my role/career development."
PB - Psychotherapist/Supervisor

My Publications on AOCS

Supervision of supervision: something becoming

First published in BACP journal Coaching Today October 2020 pp27-31

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My Events & Groups on AOCS

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Diploma in Coaching Supervision

Where: Virtual event

Dates: From Nov 16, 2023 to May 23, 2024

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