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Eve Turner

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About Eve

Eve works as a supervisor, coach and facilitator with individuals and groups. As an individual and group supervisor Eve partners fellow coaches, working to support and challenge them to their own and their clients’ benefit, supervising experienced and newer coaches including those working internally.

Her aim is that the sessions are fun and full of ideas. She doesn't see herself as an expert in anything, just a partner in exploration!

In her coaching practice Eve has considerable experience in supporting clients through organisational change and interpersonal challenges, enjoying working with leaders at all levels, including Board and those aspiring for promotion to top level positions. She draws on a range of approaches, mindful of the individual needs of the client/supervisee and their unique context.

Supervision and coaching clients and experience:
Eve is an associate of, or has worked for, a number of organisations including the BBC, NHS, Ince & Co, LCP, LSIS (the Learning and Skills Improvement Service), a national political party, National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services, HAYS Career Transitions, several universities including the LSE, Performance Consultants, Coffey International Development and the simplyhealth group, many through panel selection processes. She has successfully navigated through a number of tender processes in the public and private sectors including the NHS where she was one of 25 coaches in England selected for a panel to work with Executive Directors and the LSE.

Leadership background:
Eve brings a wealth of experience from business to her role as a coach and supervisor. Initially she was an internal coach in the BBC alongside a day job as a senior leader, coaching clients in areas such as Project management, IT, Worldwide, BBC Monitoring and the World Service.

Eve ran one of the corporation’s multi-million pound regional operations, BBC South, responsible for 250 staff and a £15m budget, working in radio, television and online services alongside engineering and operations. Her responsibilities were both editorial and managerial, taking in change programmes, talent management, financial planning, HR, diversity and community work. Eve also met with key stakeholders from Vice-Chancellors to ministers.

Qualifications and awards:
Eve is qualified to use several psychometric personality questionnaires such as the MBTI, Step I and Step II, 16PF, the Hogan suite, TalentQ and Firo B as well as various 360o feedback tools.

She is a member of the coach accreditation panel for two leading coaching bodies: APECS and AC.

In 2015 Eve won two prestigious awards: the 2015 European Coach of the Year from the leading coaching and mentoring professional body the EMCC, and Best Research Article from Coaching at Work magazine who highly commended her in 2016 for Contributions to Coaching Supervision.
Eve is an Honorary Member of AOCS.

In 2016 I set up the Global Supervisors’ Network: a free, participative network for supervisors working in coaching, mentoring and consultancy to provide each other with, and receive, Continuing Personal and Professional Development virtually.

I run virtual and face-to-face supervision groups. 2 groups, of 6 people each, start each September in Southampton, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday morning. I also do supervision of supervision for new and experienced supervisors.


Supervision Rate I trust supervisees to set their own rate based on their own hourly charges up to a maximum of £350 + VAT per session.
Group Supervision Rate £600 + VAT for 5 sessions (maximum 6 people per group) which includes 1 1-2-1 session
Telephone Supervision Rate Up to £200 + VAT per session (an hour to 75 minutes) depending on what hourly rate the coach charges; newer coaches may pay significantly less. A quick catch-up in between would be included.


Supervisor of coaching



Group supervision

Telephone and/or virtual


MSc in Coaching and Development (2008); Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring Supervision from Oxford Brookes University (distinction, 2011); Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision Accredited Executive Coach (2011) and Coach Supervisor (2012); a Certificate in the Supervision of Coaches, Mentors and Consultants from Bath Consultancy Group (2012); Association for Coaching Master Executive Coach Accreditation (2012); Time to Think Certified Coach (2014); European Mentoring and Coaching Council Accreditation in Supervision (2015)


EMCC European Coach of the Year, based in Southampton
“I attended a supervision group that Eve facilitated, and I would highly recommend her as a coach supervisor. She balanced support and challenge, and offered insights that made a real difference to the quality of my coaching. I have regular 1-1 supervision, and this group supervision added another dimension, hearing about the challenges faced by other coaches and facing those together.”
(Clare Norman, PCC, Design Architect at Accenture)

“Eve is a brilliant supervisor, skilfully guiding the coach through the process of supervision, clarifying and questioning to bring him/her to a place of deeper understanding. She gave me a new perspective on the value 3 way meetings and what to look for in terms of outcome and evaluation of the process. It was so helpful and just what I needed.”
(Gillian Curtis, Personal Development and Wellbeing Coaching, Coach Supervision and Mentoring)

“Eve is a fantastic coach supervisor, thoughtful, caring and kind and very very skilled.”
(Andry Anastasiou, Director, Trainer and Coach at Team Training)

“I would strongly recommend Eve as a supervisor... I’ve really noticed an increase in my self-awareness, confidence and skills. I’m noticing a change in results with my clients. She has a calm but forensic style of questioning that really helps you take ownership of the way you deliver coaching. She models a great awareness in coaching and I’ve found myself really rising to the challenge. Highly recommended.” (James Marshall, Owner, Talking Ape Learning & Development Consultancy)

“Eve provides me with supervision of the highest quality: a supportive and challenging space in which I am able to really stretch my thinking and explore my approach.” (Gregor Findlay, Team and Executive coach)

As part of her commitment to CPD, Eve gets anonymous 360 feedback from supervisees. The last through the Bath Consultancy Group, included the following comments from 2 supervision groups she was running:

“Eve handles the sessions and ensures everyone contributes but without the forced approach. Everyone knew they were in a safe environment and were made clearly aware of what the boundaries were where they were necessary and the ease of the session meant people could talk freely even on extremely emotional subjects…Eve managed to walk the line between the competing needs of the group and the coaching supervision.”

“Shifting the way they work with their coaching clients has been the most dramatic outcome from the supervision sessions. All of us when presenting client case studies have gone away with information and direction revealed through the supervision. ” “Eve is perceptive and not afraid to tackle difficult and complex issues presented by the supervisees. She openly experiments and we review how that works for us which can sometimes take us out of our comfort area - but the learning and insights are worthwhile. Her sessions are enlightening and enjoyable”

“Eve is an excellent Supervisor in the role of individual or team supervisor. Her approach is genuine and authentic and she engages her supervisees at all times ensuring they grow as coaches in a professional and authentic style”

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