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About LVSC

LVSC is the national association for supervision and coaching in the Netherlands with approximately 2,500 members.

We are a professional association of and for professional coaches, supervisors and, recently, also for organizational leaders. They contribute to sustainable learning from employees, teams and organizations. LVSC offers affiliated coaches and supervisors a platform for quality, professional registration and knowledge exchange (refresher courses, intervision, Tijdschrift voor Begeleingskunde and knowledge base).

Our coaches and supervisors form a strong learning community within which they constantly develop. If you think it is important to continue to develop as a coach, supervisor and organizational coach, then LVSC offers various options. Knowledge meetings in the form of intervision, workshops, training, LVSC colleges and a congress. In addition, we publish the practical scientific journal, Tijdschrift voor Begeleidingskunde, with accompanying knowledge base.

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