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About International Centre for Coaching Supervision

Our mission is to open up coaching supervision training for experienced coaches across the world - from west coast USA to east coast New Zealand!

Our virtual approach means coaches can finally access all the benefits of training as a coaching supervisor yet from the comfort of your their own home or homework place.

We embody a truly integrative approach to coaching supervision and to the learning process itself. We believe that every supervisor will find their unique approach that combines their personality, theoretical and practical preferences, coaching and client context and more to create a wholly unique individual configuration. That's why our training opens doors to multiples lenses and ways of working whilst remaining true to the core functions and principles of coaching supervision.

Supervision is now a vital part of any serious coach’s professional development and personal resourcing. Whether they are a life coach, an executive coach or an internal coach, supervision is becoming recognised as a norm across the world. Yet, until now, accessing high-quality coach supervision training typically meant engaging in costly and time-consuming travel to the few dedicated training schools.

We intend to change that by embracing the virtual approach even as we harness the ongoing power of live, interactive, reflective learning.

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