Face to Face Group for Coach Supervisors
Supervison on your Supervison in the Midlands

Face to Face Group for Coach Supervisors

Are you a coach supervisor looking for a group that meets IRL (In Real Life)? There are not as many these days in the land of the virtual however many coaches and supervisors still value the different sense of space and presence in a face to face setting.

This group takes place in the Midlands (Stafford) and at four times per year it may be a reasonable travelling distance for you to get to! It may be worth your while to meet like minded, experienced coach supervisors. No dates have been set as we will organise this between us but hopefully we can start in November 2018. At the time of going to press (September 2018), I have 2 supervisors committed to the group and we are looking for two more to join us and sign up for at least one year after the initial scoping session.

Our initial aim:

  1. To get a group of 4 and then set up a first date which I am happy to run as a FOC session. As a closed group it will be useful for us all to see if the fit is right in terms of membership as well as process. No one is then under any pressure to commit if it doesn’t feel right for them for whatever reason
  2. We can then do some in depth contracting for us and also make connections about how we contract with our supervisees.
  3. I’m thinking it will be largely co-created by us altogether so you get what you need but we also explore any differences there may be about supervising supervision as opposed to coaching.
  4. I’m happy for everyone to bring group supervision and 1:1 work
  5. After this first session we could agree between us on frequency but I was thinking about 4 times per year for around 3.5. hours.


I’m also part of a research group looking at supervision of supervision as nothing much has been written about it so far in the Coaching profession literature. I would hope to share as much as I could within the terms of our confidentiality as it progresses, so you would be a part of this emerging field.

 Contact me initially by email and we can set up a chat to see if its what you are looking for.





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Julia Menaul

Accredited Coaching Supervisor

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Contact to join the group.

Dates and Costs
From Nov 30, 2018 to Dec 31, 2019

To be decided within the group.
Likely to be 4 x per year for 3.5 hours


First session to be FOC for scoping/contracting/assessing "fit".


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Stafford Staffordshire.


United Kingdom

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