Diploma in Coach Supervision
4 days face-to-face experiential training followed by 4 days of webinars

Diploma in Coach Supervision

Open to qualified coaches with extensive experience who are psychologically minded and who wish to contribute actively to the development of the profession.

This training course is designed to build a body of well-trained, informed supervisors who understand the ethics, responsibilities, practices and defining features of the coaching profession. Coaching Development sees supervision not as advanced coach training, but as a parallel profession which serves and supports the coaching community.

Employing tried and tested theories and a variety of supervision models, it also offers extensive opportunities for practice, reflection and integration; it is strongly experiential.

Supervision accompanies and promotes the professional development of qualifying and qualified coaches in the context of their practice. It offers coaches an opportunity to learn and develop through reflection and dialogue and to grow further towards personal and professional excellence. It offers coaches a similar resource to the one they offer their clients.

Contact the office to enrol. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Dates and Costs
From Nov 4, 2018 to Feb 7, 2019

9am - 6pm

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

£3,000 + VAT


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59 Compton Road Islington

N1 2PB

United Kingdom

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