Diploma in Reflective Practice and Coach Supervision
ICF CCEU's: 41 in Core Competencies and 12 in Resource Development

Diploma in Reflective Practice and Coach Supervision

What makes Coaching Development's training unique?

Like all of Coaching Development’s programmes, this one is a blend of theory, practice, reflection and personal development. It is experiential, rich in information and rigorous. It invites participants to learn from using the tried and tested methods of supervision, but also to think beneath the surface and be curious about what might be happening with and between the people involved. You can expect to develop an 'internal self-supervisor', as well as the skills and attitudes of a professional one.

There is also the availability of pre-recorded material. During the programme you will be watching, analysing and discussing a number of supervision videos made by colleagues who have been formally trained in supervision and who have been working in the field for years.

Mentor coaching is a different tradition from coach supervision, but a supervisor needs to know the competency framework which their supervisee uses. We spend time on the ICF’s frameworks at Associate and Professional level, and offer a definition of coach mentoring that shows how it is separate from supervision.

This training also brings in Reflective Practice (RP). RP is very similar to coach supervision, and valued in organisations as a way of helping individuals use psychological models to think about their challenges and design a way forward. RP also contributes to the individual's self-awareness and contributes to personal change. The relationship and the process are slightly different from supervision, but the two traditions are close cousins.

Application Process:

To make sure that this course is philosophically and practically suited to you, there is an intake process which gives you an experience of the rest of the programme.


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Dates and Costs
From Oct 10, 2023 to Feb 21, 2024

Module 1 - Tuesday, 10th and Wednesday, 11th October 2023
Module 2 - Tuesday, 21st and Wednesday, 22nd November 2023
Module 3 - Tuesday, 9th and Wednesday, 10th January 2024
Module 4 - Tuesday, 20th and Wednesday, 21st February 2024
9.00 - 17.00 BST/UK time

Monday Tuesday

£3,400 + VAT (£4,080)
If you'd like to join the programme and are based outside the UK please do contact us for your local rate.
[email protected]
We'd be delighted to hear from you!


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