Snowdrop Coaching Supervision trio group
Inspired by nature - hence the seasonal names for groups

Snowdrop Coaching Supervision trio group

Embracing the modes, knowledge and skills you have already encompassed in your practice, recognising the emergence of your unique approach as an ongoing organic growth process, in context of the human systems and ecosystems you are a part of. 

  • What themes are emerging so far, from your reflection on your Coaching sessions last year?
  • What needs attention in your practice, in your system?
  • What development could you be living? 
  • What else might you be reflecting on to take your practice forward?


Curious?  New paths for discovery, often inspired by nature, with a select trio group, embarking together early this spring.


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Coaches say:

In all areas, the benefit is a chance to connect with my practice at a depth I don't always get to on my own. I very much need the mirror as a speak to think person so it allows me to see things I simply can't always see on my own or have the space to workshop it out. Recently it's been practically understanding the ways I'm getting in my own way either with beliefs, judgement or habits. It's also the space I find my confidence as a coach grows, because I can be hard on myself but I'm reminded of the ways i do reflect and how I am aware and it's a real core touchpoint for my sturdiness as a coach. Balancing out the internal and external validation keeps me steady. I've also really valued hearing what other coaches are working through and gained so many insights purely from that observation or curiosity around how they're practicing or thinking.

I really appreciate our coach supervision - I find Lorenza's approach and perspectives and ways of doing the coaching supervision to be really stretchy for me and I like feeling like there are even more ways to stretch. That includes the stretch that isn't really outward or big, but focused on those little tiny muscles that may get forgotten.

Lorenza's background in TA is a huge bonus for me, as she is able to draw upon her knowledge of this particular approach and help me to build on my knowledge and understanding. She is skilful in knowing when and how to shift into a 'teaching' mode - and then pull back and facilitate my reflection. I've becoming increasingly aware of the complexities involved in the systems within which I coach others as a result of my supervision. This also links in with ethical issues in that I am able to bring any tensions I'm experiencing or aware of potentially arising and explore these with Lorenza.

Lorenza has used a number of different approaches to encourage reflection, medidations, story cards, revisiting words/statements. I find her use of clean language particularly effective. In terms of impact, greater clarity and confidence in myself and what I offer to my clients.

I feel it has strengthened areas of my practice giving me more confidence in working in the moment from my clients' agendas and giving me more confidence to reflect my clients' behaviours or perceptions back to them. I'm seeing this now providing deeper results for clients which has been wonderful to witness.


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