Coach Supervision Training with Joanne Searle
Learn to be a Coach Supervisor and take your coaching to another level

Coach Supervision Training with Joanne Searle

'This is such an enriching and transformational experience that not only taught me

supervision skills, but also improved my skills as a coach and life skills in general.'


Participant on the 2020 Supervision Training with Joanne Searle

Coaching Supervision is a

co-created learning relationship that supports you as a coach in your personal and professional development - improving the quality & depth of your practice in service of your clients.

The purpose of coach supervision is to support coaches in their professional and personal development. In supervision coaches are empowered to maintain, nurture and grow their coaching practice in a way that professionally navigates the pitfalls and stresses of the systems that they operate in.  Indirectly, it also ensures that the clients, and client organisations, are also well supported and receive the best possible coaching and developmental experience.


Supervision is not a policing role, but rather a trusting and collegial professional relationship.

Coach supervisor training with Joanne Searle provides extremely valuable on-going development for coaches. It can take your coaching to another level and give you a new offering in the role of coach supervisor. Few on-going development trainings, or new inputs for coaches, provide coaches the chance to truly reflect on their own growth and development and that of their practice. Incorporating all the theories of coaching practice to date, supervision teaches coaches how to work relationally to effect transformation.

Commitments in between sessions:

  • Work in small peer learning practice groups
  • Work with 4 of your own supervisees throughout the course, including a peer from the course
  • Be in your own supervision
  • Written case study including Supervisor’s ideology and methodology of supervision
  • Student’s learning journal


Course Participant Prequalification

  • To have as a minimum a coach/mentor or psychotherapy qualification, and
  • To have been actively coaching/ mentoring for approximately 400 hours or 4 years
  • To be in your own regular supervision and/or be willing to commit to regular supervision




About Joanne Searle

Jo Searle has 26 years’ experience as an executive coach, a coach trainer and a coach supervisor. She is an EMCC Master Practitioner (EIA) and accredited Supervisor (ESIA) and a COMENSA Master Coach and Registered Supervisor and a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist.  Joanne Searle first developed her supervision training in 2010 for a group of internal coaches at Nedbank. This will be the fifth time she is running this course.  Joanne supervises a diversity of coaches, both individually and in groups. Her practice of coach supervision is largely based on her experience of being in regular group, individual and peer supervision over the past 25 years. Her strengths as a supervisor and trainer are her experience, her warmth and ability to create a reassuring, accepting space for coaches to explore and reflect on their interactions with clients, to review caseload and practice issues and to support coaches in working ethically and with integrity. She is experienced at working with groups and with process.


The course also covers working with groups and working with, and understanding, the complexity of systems and organisations.

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Dates and Costs
From May 24, 2022 to Nov 24, 2022

Format: 4 modules
Duration of course: 6 Months to ensure incremental learning
Dates and times:
Module 1 24-26 May 2022, 10h00-13h00 CAT
Module 2 26-28 July 2022, 10h00-13h00 CAT
Module 3 27, 28 September 2022, 10h00-13h00 CAT
Module 4 22-24 November 2022, 11h00 – 14h00 CAT




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This is a virtual event.

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