Brief Intervention Series on the Climate and Sustainable Future
Reflection and dialogue focused on coaching supervision, sharing the reactions that emerged from the Joint Global Statement as our provocative input.

Brief Intervention Series on the Climate and Sustainable Future


Lorenza Clifford and Jan Brause AOCS facilitators in conjunction with CCA.


Starting on Thursday 4th March 2021 to chime with Climate Action Day.

We will be focussing reflection and dialogue on Coaching Supervision

The input: 6 Webinars were held in November looking at the climate crisis through the lens of coaching. Our starting place each time will be one of the different outcome 'boards' from the Global Webinars that followed the Joint Statement on Climate change from the (now 10) professional bodies.

  • If you are a supervisor - We will share the spectrum of reactions that emerged which you’ll need to be aware of in your supervision practice with coaches.

If you are a coach - We will share the spectrum of reactions that emerged

  • from coaching colleagues, so that wherever you are currently in your practice, you can get a sense of the range of perspectives and can add your own in response.

You pick what is relevant to you for a short conversation in a pair or trio, then follows a short moment writing own reflections. We will ask you to share onward what this will mean for your own practice and/or commit to changing something, however large or small. 

We hope you will join us.

Attend as many as you can or pick a day to join in as a ‘one-off’. Over the week this will help you to explore your own stance and develop your approach around this important theme for our era.

 Responding to the Joint Global Statement on Climate Change. Please read this statement here

To join us, mail the facilitators who will send you a link to use for as many or as few of the series as you would like. Please note that the start time is given in London GMT, 2 hours later each day so that global participation is possible.

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Dates and Costs
From Mar 4, 2021 to Mar 10, 2021

Thursday 4th at 7am UK
Friday 5th 9am
Saturday 6th 11am
Sunday 7th 1pm
Monday 8th 3pm
Tuesday 9th 5pm
Wednesday 10th 7pm
7am UK then two hours later each day, 30 minutes each day.




This is a virtual event.

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