Mentor Coach Training
Mentor coaching is ‘observed coaching with feedback against a set of competencies, that sharpens the coach’s all-round presence’

Mentor Coach Training

Becoming a one-to-one Mentor Coach

  • Are you driven to professionalise the coaching industry?
  • Are you motivated to share what you have learned with other coaches about what makes great coaching?
  • Do you see a need for coaches around you to sharpen their edge?
  • Perhaps you relish the idea of learning more yourself by mentor coaching others?
  • Or maybe you are looking to develop your business and add an additional revenue stream?

Mentor coaching will enable you to do all of these things. 

Mentor coaching is ‘observed coaching with feedback against a set of competencies, that sharpens the coach’s all-round presence’ (Norman, 2018).  As the Mentor Coach, we are enabling coaches to see their blind-spots (Eckstein, 1969) and sharpen their coaching edge that has become dulled over time.  it’s important to support and challenge coaches to re-sharpen their edge, repeatedly, so that they can be the best coach they can be for their thinkers. This will increase the reputation of the coaching industry, as more thinkers experience great coaching that moves them forward and enables them to sustain change.

 Who is the one-to-one Mentor Coaching training for?

  • Experienced coaches who are looking to become Mentor Coaches
  • Coaches looking to sharpen their skills as a coach, as you will experience mentor coaching as part of the programme
  • We will be using the ICF competencies as the benchmark, but you can be aligned with any coaching body with a coaching code of ethics

What are the learning outcomes for this training?

Knowledge outcomes:

  • Explain the differences between mentor coaching and supervision
  • Explain the meaning of the core competencies in-depth and how they show up in practice
  • Articulate the difference between ACC and PCC level coaching for each competency

Skills outcomes:

  • Practice one-to-one mentor coaching virtually
  • Creating a safe environment
  • Managing the feedback process using the PCC markers
  • Enabling feedback to be heard

Attitudinal outcomes:

  • Be open to receiving feedback about your coaching and your mentor coaching
  • Embody a coaching mindset
  • Incorporate your code of ethics in your mentor coaching practice
How does the one-to-one Mentor Coaching training work?

Masterclasses may combine 2 groups of up to 6 people each. Workshops will be a maximum of 6 people in each group.

Design principles:

  • Keep to the essentials
  • Flipped learning
  • Space the learning
  • Build-in retrieval for sustainable change
  • Practice with feedback
  • Make it effortful with an emotional investment
  • Make it active and focused – no long drawn out lectures!
  • Make it relevant for the learners’ stage of development

Pre-requisites for one-to-one Mentor Coaching training:

  • 300 hours of coaching experience
  • ACC (renewed) or PCC for ICF mentor coaching
  • Supervisor and/or mentor coach reference
  • Commitment to 3 mentor coaching hours per year on your own coaching
  • Commitment to 3 supervision hours per year on your mentor coaching
  • 2 people to mentor coach from months 5-8
  • Abide by a coaching code of ethics

Continuous Coach Education Units

You will receive 36 CCEs (28 Core Competency and 8 Resource Development) for one-to-one Mentor Coaching training, for which you will need to complete all live training, mentor coach 2 people and dedicate 11 hours to self-study and reflection.

The programme:

Mentor Coaching training to deliver one-to-one mentor coaching

  • Virtual Masterclasses, live, 9+ hours
  • Experience of mentor coaching, 1 hour
  • Listen to 2 pre-recorded mentor coaching sessions
  • Practice with feedback, 14 hours
  • Reading chapters from Mentor coaching: A Practical Guide, 2 hours
  • Self-reflection/written reports, 9 hours
  • Mentor coaching 2 self-procured coaches 3 times each
  • Implementation Q & A workshop, 1 hour
  • Groups masterclass, 2 hours

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Dates and Costs
From Apr 27, 2023 to Jun 15, 2023

Various dates and times over the course of the programme.
Check website for full details:


£1,350 + VAT per person.


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This is a virtual event.

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