Thought Provocation Group
Exchanging ideas and views in intentional dialogue

Thought Provocation Group

What do we mean by provocation forums?

Provocation: a deliberate action that is intended to cause a reaction

Forum: a meeting where people can exchange ideas and views on issues


“What does the world need from us as a profession?”

Facilitated by Lorenza Clifford and Yvette Elcock, Discovery Group Volunteer Members

We ask you to bring a spirit of inquiry in service of yourself, your profession, your community, and our society.  Harnessing our collective energy, we see this as a space to advocate:

  • Connection – through Forum events and beyond
  • Collaboration – through dialogic practices that invite a deeper level of listening and more open communication
  • Consolidation – through productive conversations and an emergent consciousness of how to move forward
  • Continuation – through experimentation and research to inform strategy

Our January inaugural event generated some 31 ideas, broadly aligned to 4 headings:

  • Social Justice issues e.g. Diversity and inclusion or post-COVID-19 equality
  • Ecological issues e.g. Climate change or environmental pollution
  • Intergenerational issues e.g. Millennials in our profession or Baby Boomers leaving
  • Our professional future e.g. The role of artificial intelligence or internal coaching supervision

Come support an challenge us to make the big picture granular at individual and Association level.

E-mail [email protected] to register your interest.

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Dates and Costs
May 18, 2021





This is a virtual event.

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