Co-Supervision Space
Hosted by Yvette Elcock (AoCS) and Michelle Lucas (Greenfields Consultancy)

Co-Supervision Space


Michelle Lucas Michelle Lucas

Editor: 101 Coaching Supervision Techniques, Approaches, Enquiries and Experiments

(2020) Abingdon, Routledge

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You have probably heard of Co-Coaching practice – but have you ever heard of Co-Supervision practice?

Post-qualification many coaches engage in co-coaching triads as a means of embedding and extending their coaching practice. So, where do supervisors go to engage in their version of this once they qualify?  Perhaps, because we are confident as practitioners, we believe we can adopt new approaches without error?  Perhaps because we have enduring and open relationships with our supervisees we can specifically contract to learn together? How would it be though, to have the opportunity to practice with our fellow supervisors … first?  We think it would not only be helpful, it also offers a more ethical and robust alternative.

AOCS is delighted to continue our innovative  co-supervision space for its member community and other interested professionals.  Coming together each  month during 2022, you will have the opportunity to practice techniques in a safe environment, to extend your skills and to get genuinely candid and developmental feedback from your peers. Our experience of offering this development opportunity during 2021 gave repeated feedback that the plenary sharing experience was never long enough!  Going forward, to remedy this, we will facilitate every fourth month (April, July/August, December) as a dedicated sharing of learning space – a more expansive and reflective space for all.

Read more about Michelle Lucas here..


This engaging opportunity is the inspiration of Michelle Lucas, AOCS member, author and one of the leading coach supervisors in the UK. We will theme each month’s Co-Supervision space.  Before each session, Michelle will provide three techniques for individual supervision along with a brief overview of the theoretical underpinnings. Sessions will then start with a short round of introductions before participants move into random triads in breakout rooms. The session will close with a plenary discussion reflecting on the learning.

Michelle has also written blogs on her work with AoCS and you can find them here.

Being nosey, Yvette has taken every opportunity to quiz Michelle about topics connected to this work. To see what she has found out over the last six months please click:

* Michelle Lucas Intro

* Working with AOCS

* Wants for Community


Who is it for?

  • AOCS Members who are Coaching Supervisors wanting a space to deepen and extend their practice.
  • Coaching Supervisors who take an abundant approach to sharing knowledge within our professional community, and to developing and continuously improving professional competence, standards, and learning.
  • Supervisors who want to connect, collaborate, consolidate, and continue to learn together.

How would it work?

Members will meet virtually (Zoom) for a maximum of 120 minutes. 

We will host sessions on the first Friday of the month from 11:00 – 13:00 to increase the opportunity to engage with more of our international members in a wider variety of time zones.

The themes for each 2022 Co-Supervision Spaces are as follows (NB: Please also read these Participant Guidelines or listen to the Video Explanations: Observer, Practicing Supervisor, Supervisee or General, before your session):

  1. 7 January 2022: The Eclectic approach: Seven Conversations, Misfits and Exploring Boundaries.
  2. 4 February 2022: Existential approach: Working with Shame, Deliberately Self Centred Supervision and Intentions and Interventions
  3. 4 March 2022: Gestalt approach: Working with Blocks, Give an Object a Voice and Supervision and Sensing
  4. 1 April 2022: Experience Sharing of using techniques from the Eclectic, Existential and Gestalt approaches
  5. 6 May 2022: Person-Centred approach: Exploring Congruence and Supervisee-led Supervision and the Thinking Environment Approach: Dialogue and Thinking Pairs
  6. 27 May 2022: Positive Psychology: Give Yourself an A, Personal Strengths Review, and Using Metaphor to Explore 'At My Best'
  7. 1 July 2022: Psychodynamic: Parallel ProcessExploring the Potential for Collusion, and Handling Relationship Conflict using the Drama Triangle.
  8. 29 July 2022: Experience Sharing of using techniques from the Person Centred, Thinking Environment, Positive Psychology and Psychodynamic Approaches
  9. August 2022: Summer Break
  10. 2 September 2022: Solution Focused: Scaling Questions, The Tomorrow Question and Transferring Competence.
  11. 7 October 2022: Systemic Approach: Working with the Shadow, Working with the Supervisee Dilemma and Systemically Oriented Questions.
  12. 4 November 2022: Transpersonal Approach: Ideal Model, What’s my environmental footprint and Centring
  13. 2 December 2022: Experience Sharing of using techniques from the Solution Focused, Systemic and Transpersonal Approaches

Please e-mail [email protected]  if you encounter a problem.

Michelle Lucas will host the Co-Supervision Space with another AOCS member volunteer as co-host. Although she will introduce the techniques, this is not a training session on the psychological philosophy or highlighted techniques. The spirit of Co-Supervision is a shared space for experiential learning amongst equals who are catalysts for self-directed learning

The focus of the Co-Supervision triads is for the supervisor to experiment with new techniques and receive feedback. Given the work will be in service of the learning, the supervisee may well leave with unfinished business.  We therefore strongly recommend participants have access to their own supervisor and ensure they follow up any incomplete or unresolved issues professionally and independently of the AOCS event.

Sessions are free to members. Non-members may attend for £35.00 per session. Numbers will be between a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 18 participants on a first come first served basis.  Registration is via Eventbrite.


What are the anticipated outcomes?

Our aspirations for the group are:

  • A community of engaged professional coaching supervisors who take an ethical approach to extending their skills, choosing to hone their practice with their fellow supervisors before they use them with their supervisees.
  • A rich and generous sharing of knowledge and experience with techniques for individual supervision.
  • A series of blogs summarising the learning from each session in a non-attributed manner, posted monthly on the AOCS website.
  • A trusted network of experienced colleagues to turn to for peer practice outside of the Co-Supervision sessions


The details:

Date:             Session 12 – Friday 4th November 2022

Timings:        11:00 – 13:00

Title:            Transpersonal Approach

Venue:          On-line via Zoom.


How to book your place:      

To book, please click Booking

  • If you have any questions, or you want to explore becoming a co-host, then please feel free to get in touch:

    Email Michelle Lucas
  • Telephone +44 7717 122950
  • See Michelle's AoCS Profile


We are delighted to offer this opportunity as a member benefit - developing supervisors and the coaching supervision profession to continuously improve professional competence, standards, and learning.

Michelle also offers a Group Co-Supervision space and you can find more information herePublication

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Dates and Costs
From Oct 7, 2022 to Dec 2, 2022

First Friday of the month from 11:00 – 13:00


Free to members. Non-members £35.00 per session via Eventbrite (see information below)


This is a virtual event.

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