Coaching Presence
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Coaching Presence

Coaching Presence

Presence is the foundation stone that all coaching tools, techniques, and interventions sit upon. Without that foundation stone, coaching does not work.

The extent to which coaching is successful is the extent to which the coach is aware of and understands the nature of presence and how it shows up in their coaching.

In this webinar series, Maria will encourage us to undertake an in-depth exploration of presence - where it comes from and what gets in the way. She will show us the power of reflecting on these two questions to bring the power of presence to your coaching.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • What is presence
  • The difference presence makes in coaching
  • How you already know what presence is, even if you think you don’t

Maria will provide the opportunity for live Q&A in each session.


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Dates and Costs
From Jul 2, 2020 to Jul 23, 2020

1pm - 2pm


Association for Coaching Members: £85 + VAT
Non-Members including 1-year AC Associate membership: £135 + VAT**


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This is a virtual event.

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