Calling all Group Supervisors to Share your Celebrations & Discoveries
Hosted by Michelle Lucas and Louise Schubert

Calling all Group Supervisors to Share your Celebrations & Discoveries

“Celebrations & Discoveries” is an opportunity to come together, share our learning as Group Supervisors and to capture the content in a series of blogs on the AoCS website.  It was borne out of member’s interest in growing and deepening the understanding of what happens in Group Supervision. In the first year we operated a discussion forum and, in the year ahead, we intend to capture the knowledge exchanged and to share that with the rest of the AoCS community.

Join us at a pilot webinar in February/March 2020 to develop this group further co-create a knowledge sharing community of practice group on this important topic.  Here are our current ideas which we are seeking to shape with those interested in sharing their celebrations and discoveries within our wider community.

Who is it for?

  • Supervisors who are experienced in delivering group coaching supervision
  • Supervisors who take an abundant approach to sharing knowledge within our professional community
  • Supervisors who are prepared to write up an article on behalf of the Group
  • Supervisors who are actively in supervision for themselves

How would it work?

We are interested in shaping the work with those engaged in the work, however, here is our current thinking:


  1. Members will meet virtually (zoom) probably for a maximum of 90 minutes
  2. Each meeting will focus on a theme that arises from doing Group Supervision work – for example:
    1. How to handle having prior knowledge or relationship with one person within the group
    2. How to handle note taking in group settings
    3. Managing Endings
    4. Diversity in Supervision Groups
  3. Group members will take turns leading the session, gathering the stories from each of the participants and then writing this up as an AoCS website article (say 1000 words)
  4. Sessions will be run 4 times per year with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 in attendance (including the two facilitators)
  5. Members are asked to prepare for the session bringing an example or case study that showcases “how to” manage a particular feature of group supervision
  6. Members who cannot attend are expected to document a short case study and forward to the facilitators for inclusion in the relevant AoCS Article
  7. The sessions shall be recorded for the purposes of writing the AoCS article – once that is published the recording shall be deleted. The recording would only be shared with the person leading the session to facilitate the writing process.
  8. The space would be held by Michelle and Louise, they will facilitate the sharing of stories, inviting the group to reflect back key learning points in their case studies being presented
  9. There shall be no fee for participating in this group, there is however, a commitment of time as each member shall be responsible for producing (independently or shared) an article, which must be completed and published on the AOCS website prior to the next group meeting taking place

What it is not?

Whilst our approach may mirror that of a supervision group, “supervision” lies outside the scope for this group.  Topics brought must already be “resolved” in order to share the learning from that experience.  Whilst inevitably through the discussion new learning will arise, the primary purpose of the group is not to work with “fresh” struggles. Importantly, this work is not intended to substitute the supervisors’ regular supervision.

What are the anticipated outcomes?

Our aspirations for the group are:

  • An abundant sharing of knowledge about group supervision
  • A series of articles posted quarterly on the AOCS website
  • A trusted network of experienced colleagues to turn to for peer advice 

How to book your place:               

To book today please complete this Doodle; we will then confirm the most popular date/time (24 Feb or 2 March) by Friday 17th January 2020. 

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact:

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Dates and Costs
Feb 24, 2020

16:30 – 18:00 (CET time) / 15:30 – 17:00 (GMT/UK time)




This is a virtual event.

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