Climate Coaching Action Day
Invitation to take part in the first Climate Coaching Action Day on 5th March 2020

Climate Coaching Action Day

Invitation to take part in the first Climate Coaching Action Day

The first-ever Climate Coaching Action Day will take place on 5th March 2020 in a bid to inspire, inform, support and galvanise coaches to take action in a variety of ways to respond to the climate emergency.

A growing number of individuals and organisations have already pledged their support including Coaching at Work, the Academy of Executive Coaching, the new Climate Coaching Alliance, and Climate Change Coaches, as well as individuals including David Clutterbuck, co-founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and Linda Aspey of Aspey Associates.

Coaching at Work magazine launched the initiative as one of a number of steps as part of its green pledge, including shifting to digital-only. However, editor Liz Hall said:

“We may have come up with the idea but we seek to be a catalyst. We don’t own this, and the support and inspiration that’s emerging from many quarters is fantastic. We hope it becomes an annual event. And of course, ideally, every day is climate action day!”

Ideas currently being proposed include:

  • Briefings in the lead-up to the day to help coaches prepare for coaching on the climate crisis
  • Online workshops on the day to support coaches to avoid conflict around climate change topics, and to support those exploring or currently coaching in this area
  • A live coaching flashmob
  • Launching/ participating in climate coaching ‘Coachathons’ offering pro-bono climate coaching sessions throughout the day along the lines of the initiative spearheaded by Climate Change Coaches last year
  • Launching small virtual ‘climate coaching pod’ as safe spaces in which to be vulnerable, and explore personal and professional concerns and ideas, emotions, and possible responses to the climate crisis
  • Committing to developing and sharing tools and techniques to support willing clients to respond to the crisis, process their emotions around the crisis and so on
  • Sharing helpful resources such as books, Ted Talks, and YouTube videos
  • A 24 hour marathon conversation for 5 March, taking in every continent, exploring coaching and climate change, hosted by different people around the world.


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Mar 5, 2020

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This is a virtual event.

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