AoCS March Webinar: Who benefits from Coaching?
Creating social value through coaching

AoCS March Webinar: Who benefits from Coaching?

How do we democratise coaching so more can feel its benefits for wider social change?

Coaching (and by extension) supervision is still often seen as the preserve of the privileged few who can afford coaching and have access to it.

As the coaching profession now starts to step up to bigger global challenges like climate change, how can we as individuals in the profession help to “democratise” coaching in order to effect greater change?

Becci Martin is the Director of Coaching at Boo Coaching and Consulting UK Becci Martin

An award-winning business in the north of England

Becci is passionate about the contribution coaching can make to tacking the huge challenges we face in the current global climate. Generating social value has always been integral to the way she does business and, in her company, they strive to inspire leaders in the community, public and private sector to consider the social impact they can have.

Becci will share the story about the ripples of change created in their own home town of Bolton, Greater Manchester in the UK and beyond and give participants on this webinar the opportunity to consider how they can unlock their power to change, no matter where they are on the planet.

This webinar will focus on how, as supervisors, we can ensure that our clients are creating social impact, helping participants to think about the social contribution coaching can have by looking beyond financial value and considering the collective benefit to the communities in which we live and serve. We will explore how this focus can be wrapped around the core elements of normative, formative and restorative and Becci will argue that it is our moral duty to ensure social value is key to ethical coaching practice.

Prepare to be inspired and galvanised to make your own big changes!


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Mar 19, 2020

11.00 - 12noon


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