Sex, Death and Money: The Risky Business of Coaching
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Sex, Death and Money: The Risky Business of Coaching

What would you do if you smelled alcohol on your client’s breath in a morning session? Or a coachee wanted to involve you in lodging a grievance against his employer? Or your client kept texting you at inappropriate times? Coaching is mostly about growth and development for coach and coachee and this is often the main focus for supervision, however the real world tends to intrude and coaches can find themselves facing unexpected issues and taking risks that require solutions not often found in any coaching textbook or training programme.   This can be a minefield for new coaches (and even experienced ones) who may still be trying to find their way but have little coaching experience to draw on or to know when tricky issues pop up if it's “normal” or not and what to do about it!



Julia Menaul has been coaching for 20 years and is an experienced supervisor of both coaches and other supervisors. In this session she will share some of her stories from the frontline of the profession and a model to aid continuing ethical sensitivity and maturity.


The event will be held on Thursday 5th December 2019 in Rooms MU504/505 on the top floor, at the University of Wolverhampton Business School.


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Dates and Costs
From Jan 5, 2020 to Dec 5, 2019

Networking will start at 5.30, with the event starting at 6.00 p.m. Finish approx 8pm


Members £8.33 plus VAT
Non Members £12.50 plus VAT


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Wolverhampton University - Business School MU Building Nursery Street Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM


United Kingdom

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