Virtual Supervision Pilot
AoCS launches its virtual conference space!

Virtual Supervision Pilot

Launching the AoCS virtual conference! AoCS Virtual Conference launch

At AOCS, we believe in stretching boundaries both in content and in the format of our learning events.  

We have designed an online event, to pilot a virtual conference space where members can learn from shared supervision content and engage in various ways by having discussions with other members. Just like at a regular conference, members can meet up with people they know already and also meet and exchange with people they don't yet know.

We invite you to participate, engage with the 3 topics on show, each with a different treatment, and share your feedback after. That way, we can learn from your experience to help us plan future online events - maybe even our first full AOCS online conference next year! Numbers for this pilot will be limited so register on a first come, first served basis.


What's happening and when?

We’ll kick off on Thursday 31st October midday GMT/UK time until 16.00.

We realise that this won't suit all time zones and apologise if this impacts you. Following this pilot, we plan to extend the scope and timing so we can include all members in all countries in our next event.

We are holding 3 facilitated sessions covering:

  • Midday to 13.00: demonstrating the power of the Drama Triangle in coaching and supervision with an interactive session in pairs using creative coaching techniques. Participants will be asked to think of examples from their own work or personal experience and facilitate each other moving around the triangle and gaining insight into their own psychological hooks.
  • 13.15 to 14.15: a discussion-led group exploring supervision for leadership and organisational developers who have responsibility for self-development, plus functional responsibility for developing others. The opportunity for people working in organisations to talk about their experience in their roles and in the wider systems could not be more relevant today.
  • 14.30 to 15.30: a Round Table Inquiry with guest chapter authors from the 'Coaching Supervision: advancing practice, changing landscapes' book, moving into thought leader space to experiment a little further.
  • 15.30 to 16.00: Conference Summary of key highlights and activity to take forward; plus participant feedback on the virtual experience.

The main sessions will be videoed to create a resource library and participants will be encouraged to continue the discussions offline (see below), so the conversation does not have to end then!

If you are unable to attend the full programme but can only join us for one or two sessions, we’d welcome your participation too.


Where will it take place?  

We will be meeting in Remo, an online tool made up of virtual work spaces. In there, you will be able to take part in plenary sessions, break out discussions, and even network online. Remo started as a tool to help remote employees communicate well and improve their company culture, and they have evolved into an online conference space. You can check out the tool here:

We are also piloting the use of an online communication space, using Slack, a tool for online communication. We’ll be using Slack to enable AOCS members to network the week before the event, and to continue those conversations started at the event.  

We will provide instructions on how to use these tools before the event.  


How do I enrol and what is the cost?

This virtual conference is free to AOCS members.  

We also have a limited number of places for those non-members who wish to get involved and see what we are up to.

Please register on Eventbrite even if you can only attend in part.

 Click here to register

What will I need to do to be involved?

    • Come and be curious, be prepared to 'play' a little with the concepts and to share your views and ideas in small groups, etc

    • You’ll need a stable broadband signal, preferably whilst you are in one place rather than travelling

    • Chrome browser to access Remo (Slack can be accessed on any browser)

    • Have your webcam and microphone ready, and consider wearing a headset 

What if I have questions?

Do email us at

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Dates and Costs
Oct 31, 2019

12noon - 16.00 GMT


Free to AoCS members. We are offering a few reduced price places to non-members who wish to get involved and see what we are doing.


This is a virtual event.

Online Community

Become part of our online family. Connecting and empowering each other to succeed. We want to give supervision wider exposure and a larger 'share of voice' in the coaching community. Come and join us!

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