Stories, Supervision and Self-care
Join us to explore our mutual experiences of being a coach and the value of supervision

Stories, Supervision and Self-care

There is a lot researched, spoken of and written about what it is like to do coaching - what model to use, what steps to follow, what framework to apply but there is little written, or spoken, of what it is like to be a coach.


Karen Dean and Sam Humphrey are award winning authors who have written several articles including Is a Coaching Culture an Alternative Tyranny? and Martini Coaching, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere.


In this one-day workshop, Karen and Sam will guide you through the journey from a novice to a master coach by exploring distinct themes, underpinned by the four parts of Karen’s ‘Exceptional Achievement’ framework:

  • Setting out
  • Doing
  • Integrating
  • Being


They will use the lenses of coaching and supervision; what these facets reveal and demand of us in our practice.


As they say in their book “The journey from novice to master is a unique experience for everyone.”


Being a coach is a deeply rewarding profession but even the best coaches encounter moments of uncertainty and doubt. Sam and Karen will share their varied experiences as executive coaches through story telling – some where they were flowing and glorious and others where they were falling and ashamed. The role of supervisor is essential in enabling the learning and celebration from such profound experiences whether in the personal, professional or practice development context.


This workshop follows the structure of Karen and Sam’s book, Coaching Stories: Flowing and Falling of Being a Coach, presenting specific examples and Stories from their work and reflecting with you on their learning and development at each point. They will cover:

  • Confidence
  • Talent
  • Freedom to choose
  • Peak


These topics will provoke insights for you from your professional experiences as they examine times where they performed effectively as well as those where they fell short. In each case they consider:

  • “What I wish they had told me”
  • “What I wished I had asked”


They will then look at the importance of Supervision and Self-care for you as supervisor and coach, to ensure that you, the instrument of your work, is fit for purpose, healthy and nurtured. They honour vulnerability, celebrate good practice and facilitate learning and growing.


What might you take away from your unique participation in the day?


Key objectives:

  • To underpin your strengths and vulnerabilities, enabling new insights and growth
  • To flex your approach according to the phase of development of the coach
  • To provoke your curiosity, support and courage to facilitate the coach and the system
  • To respect and care for you and your coaches as you make wise choices along the way


For more information please contact Yvette Elcock, AOCS Midlands Regional Co-ordinator via or 07779 231071


Karen DeanKaren Dean is a Master Certified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation and a coach supervisor.  She has been coaching professionally for over 25 years, before which she held various roles in the retail sector. She studied Haematology and is the Chair of the Parish Council.


Sam HumphreySam Humphrey is an accredited coach, supervisor, researcher and author.  She has worked in several corporate roles before becoming a professional coach which she has practiced for nearly two decades.  Sam is passionate about learning which shows up in her professional and personal development in both traditional and whacky ways. 


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Dates and Costs
Sep 12, 2019

09.30 - 16.30


AOCS & ICF members: £175.00
Non-members: £200.00


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