Team coach training at foundation and advanced levels
Intensive masterclasses with Prof David Clutterbuck

Team coach training at foundation and advanced levels


For one-to-one coaches, making the step to team coaching opens up wide new horizons. It also poses great challenges – the transition is at least as difficult and demanding as from non-coach to confident and experienced coach. Among the reasons it is so challenging is that teams are complex, adaptive systems within other complex, adaptive systems. While you can adapt many approaches that you have learned in 1-2-1 coaching, in a team coaching environment, everything is at least an order of magnitude more complex.

This workshop is aimed at experienced 1-2-1 coaches and at team coaches of any experience level. It consists of three, three-day modules – a stand-alone Foundation Module and two further Certificate Modules – along with extensive reading, practice and supervision.

In the Foundation module you will acquire a basic understanding of team coaching and the dynamics of teams, along with the multiple systems in play both within and around them. You will be able to distinguish between team coaching and the relatively simpler approaches of team building and team facilitation. You will learn the structures of effective team coaching assignments and team coaching sessions, obtain a substantial toolkit and have the opportunity to put your learning into practice in powerful role plays.


Modules 2 and 3 (Certificate level) place even more emphasis on practice. We introduce a wide range of additional theories and models relating to issues that occur frequently within teams, affecting their performance. Your own experiences practising between modules also play an important role in putting theory into context.


Underpinning all three modules is the PERILL model – the first and only approach to team performance and team coaching that takes a complex, adaptive systems approach.


Why you should come on this course


  • To expand the range of coaching services you can offer
  • To be confident and safe in the team coaching role
  • To enhance your 1-2-1 coaching, by deepening your understanding of clients’ systems
  • Very extensive, practical manuals that allow you to continue to develop your skills after the course.

Course dates

Team coaching foundation level (module 1)

11-13th March 2019


10-12th June 2019

Module 2

9-11th September 2019

Module 3

25th to 27th November 2019

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Dates and Costs
From Jun 10, 2019 to Jun 12, 2019

All day


Module 1 Foundation level 3-day workshop** £1800
Module 2 Certificate level workshop** and group supervision* £2000
Module 3 Certificate level workshop** and group supervision* £2000
Additional supervision sessions, per hour £500
(Prices quoted above EXCLUDE VAT)


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