By Maria Iliffe-Wood
The world needs Coaches who are not too tired to be present

The world needs Coaches who are not too tired to be present

During this pandemic, it has been easy to get pulled into all sorts of activity, that under normal circumstance we wouldn't be doing, like online webinars, online meetings, online networking, online coffee meetings as well as online family and social gatherings, not forgetting that we're all at home more, which means more of the usual home activity: home schooling, extra housework, extra cooking, extra washing up, plus the pressure to take our hour a day exercise, looking after our neighbours, shielded friends and the list goes on.  

Add on to that the invisible weight of living in a pandemic and it's no wonder that many people, including myself were getting more and more tired. And not many people had stopped to wonder why. 

I spoke about this at a recent Midlands Coaching Conference (13th May 2020) and the organisers have very kindly given permission for me to use the video recording:

By Maria Iliffe-Wood:



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