By Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy
Research into CoachTech - your thoughts matter!

Research into CoachTech - your thoughts matter!

We work to stay abreast of developments in our field, embracing change and experimenting creatively with innovative ideas. To this end we invite you to complete the following short survey to help inform a book chapter in The Digital Coaches Handbook, edited by Sam Isaacson and Jonathan Passmore from CoachHub.
The chapter relating to this survey will be written by Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy, Michelle Lucas and Benita Stafford-Smith.  The research focus is the use of technology for Coaching and Supervision (CoachTech) in relation to how we connect and communicate as well as ways CoachTech might support reflective practice. 
CoachTech includes connection tools, digital white boards, art generating tools through artificial intelligence, multisensory enablement, reflection tools such as digital card decks, plus virtual reality options.  
Whatever your level of experience, knoweldge or understanding of CoachTech, your opinions still matter. 

We will ensure your data is kept anonymous unless you share at the end of the survey that you are happy for us to use your name. We will be contributing GBP1 for every response we receive to National Autism Society, a registered UK charity.

The survey takes around 8 minutes to complete.

Your thoughts are highly appreciated.

Here's the link:

Kind regards Clare, Michelle and Benita

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