By Joanne Searle
Regional Coordinators Meeting and feedback 1 September 2022

Regional Coordinators Meeting and feedback 1 September 2022

The Regional Coordinators met on 1 September with Joanne Searle, the South African RC and Global Coordination Lead. The meeting was well attended and very engaging and productive and positive. 

We agreed we would like a regular meeting rhythm and plan at least a year in advance so that we can hold as many dates in our calendars going forward. We would like to accommodate all regions and time zones as much as possible and to this end, we ask you to reply to Joanne with the best days, and times and she will take these into consideration.
We have previously agreed to share relevant supervision experience events with each other in our regions to create opportunities for supervisors to offer a taster of supervision. In June and August, COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) invited AOCS Regional Coordinators to their events and it was lovely to have one of our Regional Coordinators come along.
The next AOCS Regional Coordinators meeting will be on 12th October at 11h00-12h00 BST. CONFIRM Date and time / AOCS.
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We would like to encourage as many of you to please attend these meetings. 
The focus of the sessions continues to give us an opportunity to get to know each other, build on previous discussions, and offer volunteer coordinators a further opportunity to clarify and evolve their roles with AOCS and to share their thoughts and experiences on how they are ‘promoting, engaging and developing’ supervision in their geographies. In addition, we plan to do some experiential work together.
We look forward to connecting again and ‘joining hands’ in this capacity.
Please contact Joanne to register your attendance.

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