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 Regional Coordinators

Thank you for recent responses to this post - we are still looking for further Regional Coordinators, to join the Global Coordination Team, supporting our Membership.

Who we're looking for is members with:
    • Strong networks in the coaching and coaching supervision "world"/ in their part of the globe and the desire to grow these
    • Enthusiasm to explore how we can grow and evolve our presence and voice globally 
    • A passion to promote Coaching Supervision (could be a new supervisor, keen to learn from peers, while developing the market in a region)
    • Happy to represent AOCS and talk about the benefits and experience of being part of our community
    • Languages would be a super power!

You will be joining an existing team of Regional Coordinators, massive thanks to them for the work they are doing!

Please find more detail about them and the gaps we would like to fill here:

Regional Coordinators - we look forward to hearing from you.

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