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Social Media Coordinator

We are looking for a Social Media Coordinator, part of the Communications and Community Engagement Team, supporting the work of the AOCS Leads team.

Who we're looking for is a person with:
  • Strong knowledge of social media and ideas for content creation
  • Enthusiasm to explore how we can grow and evolve our social presence globally
  • A passion to share about Coaching Supervision (could be a new supervisor, keen to learn through the role)
  • Graphic design ability would be a bonus but not essential
  • Can use Slack for communicating internally, with Board / Lead team around content, to get swift input or check on policy and content where needed, especially initially
  • Will develop policies for social media over time and contribute to the volunteer charter and onboarding activities to develop our team's abilities in this area

Languages would be a super power!

Your Responsibilities:
  • Regularly schedule and post engaging content on Association of Coaching Supervisors LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube accounts as a starting point (other network channels may be added later)
  • Day to day management of all social accounts:
    • Interact with our community on these platforms to increase engagement, followers and the quality of their experience.
    • Keep track of comments and posts across all channels so we can asses what is covered and what next, for breadth of coverage and regional relevance etc
    • @mention correct lead or ask lead team on slack to respond as appropriate
    • Get alongside the Leads team to learn how they can play their part better through social media use, and offer help where relevant
    • Content Gathering during Conferences/Events/Socials
  • Work with the wider team of regional coordinators and volunteers to keep social channels updated with all the work we’re doing, where appropriate; recognising when it’s at an announce-able stage, and helping with mini-launches and spotlight promotions.
  • This role could easily be shared between 2 or 3 people, organised well between you; and Slack and Google Docs could be helpful for that.
We are keen to encourage more engaging content, more exciting promotion and more events and global outreach. We need people who know about Coaching Supervision and Social Media to help us communicate the buzz!
If this is you, please email, sharing your profile link with us to:
One of our team will be in touch to book a half hour conversation as the first step forward.

Regional Coordinators

We are looking for Regional Coordinators, to join the Global Coordination Team, supporting our Membership.

Who we're looking for is members with:
    • Strong networks in the coaching and coaching supervision "world"/ in their part of the globe and the desire to grow these
    • Enthusiasm to explore how we can grow and evolve our presence and voice globally 
    • A passion to promote Coaching Supervision (could be a new supervisor, keen to learn from peers, while developing the market in a region)
    • Happy to represent AOCS and talk about the benefits and experience of being part of our community
    • Languages would be a super power!

You will be joining an existing team of Regional Coordinators, please find more detail about them and the gaps we would like to fill here:

Regional Coordinators - we look forward to hearing from you.

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