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Coming soon...the launch of the Co-Supervision Space

Coming soon...the launch of the Co-Supervision Space

Starting January 2021, AOCS is launching a monthly Co-Supervision Space via Zoom.  You’ve probably heard of co-coaching, but as far as we know, Co-Supervision will be a first!


It will work along some familiar principles:

  • The host suggests some new techniques that you can use in one-to-one coaching supervision work
  • Participants practice in triads where each person takes a turn at being Supervisor, Supervisee and Observer
  • Observers protect time for feedback, and facilitate to keep the focus on the learning of those in the Supervisor role


Each session lasts for two hours and we are limiting numbers to help ensure a sense of psychological safety.  For those people who struggle to find time to prepare, we will open the session early so that participants can review techniques before the session officially begins.  The same period is also available for networking, a chance to find out more about other AOCS members and reconnect with friends.



 Ways of Working


We’ll have some time at the start to help us all arrive and to contract for a constructive space for the work ahead of us.


The bulk of the time you will be in break out rooms working in triads so that you all get a chance to experiment with the three techniques offered by the host.  We’ll also protect some time at the end to share learning and to offer appreciation to our colleagues.


We’ll be seeking permission to record this final part to help the AOCS team write a series of blogs summarising the learning from each session in a non-attributed manner.  AOCS will post the blogs (not the recordings) roughly monthly on the AOCS website.  This means we can share the learning with the wider AOCS membership not just those who attend on the day.


 The Programme


While we are running the sessions each month throughout the year (except August!) we will only open booking on a rolling basis. With limited numbers we want to ensure that we are working with people’s most up to date availability.  We will operate a waitlist so that if spaces free up we can slot people in.


It’s probably important to say that this is not a training programme.  The spirit of the Co-Supervision Space is about self-directed learning. As the host, Michelle will provide some structure and suggestions on what you might practice each month.  She recently edited the book 101 Coaching Supervision techniques, approaches, enquiries, and experiments and organised it into 10 theoretical chapters; so…. it wasn’t a huge leap to suggest we look at techniques from a different theoretical perspective each month.  Here's the running order:


8 January 2021: Programme Kick-Off  and the Eclectic approach

5 February 2021: Existential approach

5 March 2021: Gestalt approach

9 April 2021: Person-Centred approach

7 May 2021: Positive Psychology

4 June 2021: Psychodynamic : Developmental Transactional Analysis

2nJuly 2021: Solution Focused

August 2021: Summer Break

3 September 2021: Systemic Approach

1 October 2021: Thinking Environment

5 November 2021: Transpersonal Approach

3 December 2021: Favourite techniques and Programme Wrap-Up


It’s fantastic that AOCS offer this initiative as a complementary member benefit to AOCS members – and while there is a charge for non-members (£35), if they like it enough to book three sessions, AOCS will automatically invite them to apply for membership (at an appropriate level) at a discounted price.

Please do help us spread the word about this new and exciting initiative, and we look forward to practicing with you in 2021.

Find out more about this new initiative here:


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