By Nova Ferguson
Free Diving - Coaching Supervision

Free Diving - Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision is so multi-dimensional that it feels to me like I imagine free diving to be.

I remember seeing 'Big Blue' when it first came out and being struck by the exploration and risk taking balanced by the 'spiritual' calmness of it. Supervision can often go into deep territory, with a sense of direction and yet neither of you knowing where it will ultimately lead -  and bringing a very intense yet liberating focus to what you're doing.

I find the level of mutual engagement changes perceptions of people, situations and degrees of urgency at a very profound level - it strips away distraction and distortion. I see my role as supervisor as going on that dive too as a co-explorer and ensuring that the journey back to the surface is unhurried, and contemplative so that the experience has been relaxing and re-energising.

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