By Nova Ferguson
Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight

It's been a turbulent 5 months, with rapid change, uncertainty, confusion and great clarity. Like many people I've had more opportunity to look at things that I've taken for granted through a different prism. Nightmarish impacts on families, health, society, and the economy have triggered vivid dreams for a lot of us. Many of my dreams have been rich, reassuring and re-affirming.

We're lucky enough to have a garden and it's been a wonderful place to start appreciating what's been right in front of me for a long time. Amongst other things we have a big patch of oregano that's thronged with bees, more butterfly activity than I have seen for a long time, and birds and other creatures who've had more peace to go about their lives. I want to connect key areas of my life more coherently and access peace more consistently.

This, and the human and commercial impacts of Covid-19 have caused me to look in microcosm at my own life as a partner, family member, coach, facilitator, colleague, head of business unit. A friend, and fellow coach, has just introduced me to Ikigai - a Japanese concept that translates approximately as 'a reason for being' and it embraces the elements of life that lead to fulfilment. It resonates with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's work on flow states in positive psychology, Stephen Covey's work on purpose and mission statement and myriad other concepts and approaches.

I strongly recommend looking at Ikigai models (choose carefully) to help crystallise what you love; are good at; what the world needs; and what you can get paid for. The simplest Ikigai models leave more space for your own beliefs, thoughts and feelings so that you can start to develop an authentic view of what's vital to you. I will certainly be adapting Ikigai for coaching - when it seems like a helpful tool for the coachee. And the turbulence I mentioned earlier has led to a lot of self-coaching (strangely, following the Ikigai principles without knowing about them), and difficult career decision making.

I have started EOS Coaching Ltd, my own small coaching company, so that I can better blend: what the world needs (coaching and mentoring, now more than ever); what I love (even more than I realised); what I've been told, and believe I'm good at; and earn a living. What's been hiding in plain sight at a profound level is who and what I value in this world (huge list), and how to honour that.


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